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The accused in the attack London first considered Toronto | Accused in attack on London Muslim family stands trial

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Nathaniel Veltman completed his 3rd day of testimony in his murder trial.

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Nathaniel Veltman says he went to Toronto one day before fatally shooting four members of the Afzaal family and then “felt an urge to hit the gas pedal” when he saw a group of Muslim people , but having “managed to resist this impulse”.

The now 22-year-old man is testifying in his trial for premeditated murder in circumstances of terrorism for acts dating back to June 2021. He responded, visibly upset and often clearing his throat loudly, to questions of his lawyer.

Interrogated by Master Christopher Hicks, the accused recounted having consumed magic mushrooms two days before the events for which he is accused.

When the effects of the drug wore off, he says he felt like he was living in a dream and disconnected from reality. In addition, the episodes of alternation between debauchery and strong beliefs that he spoke of in the first days of his testimony would have intensified.

Accused in attack on London Muslim family stands trial

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Accused in attack on Muslim family of London stands trial

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During these hours of withdrawal, he claims to have gone through episodes of panic at the idea of ​​what could happen to him if he put (his) thoughts violent to execution. He told jurors that he was twice seized with impulses that made him believe that pressing the accelerator in sight of Muslim people could solve everything.

A voice that I now know was that of my conscience stopped me from acting, he told jurors.

Then, when he returned from work on June 6, 2021, he claims to have fallen again into far-right sites on the Internet before leaving his apartment dressed in a sweater decorated with a cross which until then decorated his wall, equipped with a bulletproof vest, his debit card and his driving license.

I told myself I was going to get food, but I also thought about what could happen.

A quote from Nathaniel Veltman

At the wheel of his van, traveling the streets of London without a specific destination, he claims to have then encountered the victims.

His testimony is scheduled to continue Tuesday.

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