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London attack:

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Judge Renee Pomerance listens to prosecutor Sarah Shaikh during the trial of Nathaniel Veltman in Windsor.


The prosecution on Wednesday read passages from a manifesto promoting white supremacism written by the man accused of murdering four members of a London Muslim family, gestures which the Crown describes as terrorist acts.

Sergeant Liyu Guan said that in a laptop found at defendant Nathaniel Veltman's apartment, there was a manifesto titled A White Awakening.

The prosecution read passages from the manifesto, whose title translates as A White Awakening, to members of the jury.

The comments made in this statement are offensive and may cause shock.

The defense and prosecution in this case agree that the accused is the the author of the document.

Accused in attack on London Muslim family stands trial

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Accused in attack on Muslim family of London stands trial

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A first version of this document was created on May 4, 2021 and was modified at least four times before the events for which its author is accused.

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Authorities found open drawers in Nathaniel Veltman's home when they searched.

In the opening, the defendant wrote: he This is about my political positions. In the document, which consisted of more than 60,000 characters according to the police analyst, the defendant referred to himself as a Christian and a white nationalist.

He makes several odious remarks against the Muslim community and concludes by saying he wants to make life as uncomfortable as possible for these people until they leave the country.

Judge Renee Pomerance instructed the jury that this evidence should not be used to determine the character of the accused.

The magistrate insisted that the role of the jurors is not to punish the accused for his ideas even if they consider them offensive, but rather to determine his guilt by based on all the facts presented in the ongoing trial.

In addition to naming the perpetrators of mass shootings in its own document, video recordings of the perpetrators of the Christchurch and Oslo killings were also found on the accused's computer.

A document described as a manifesto by the prosecution and called The Great Replacement was also found among the documents deleted from the computer.

These items were viewed and downloaded to the computer in February 2021.

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The jury saw this photo of Nathaniel Veltman's apartment. His manifesto was found on his computer.

Nathaniel Veltman, aged 22, is accused of having deliberately hit members of the Afzaal family, in June 2021, killing four of them and injuring a fifth.

He pleaded not guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Sergeant Guan explained that he had been able to confirm that the laptop belonged to the accused, based on the emails and credit card data it contained. It also found a VPN and a TOR browser, which are frequently used to hide the identity of users who browse the underground web.

The device also contained the BitTorrent data transfer protocol for exchanging files and other common things, like the game Minecraft.

During his testimony, the investigator must also talk about the contents of an external disk, USB keys and a cell phone which were also in the #x27;apartment.

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