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“Look between the A and M keys on your keyboard”: what is this new, slightly silly trend on social networks ?

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It's not really the worst trend of recent times, but it's not the smartest either. Social networks often see trends born as quickly as they take off again. The latest encourages Internet users to look at the keyboard keys between very specific letters.

Often associated with the photo of the footballer Ousmane Dembéléfor some reason that escapes us, the trend is particularly widespread on X, formerly Twitter. For example, she asks “to look between the E and Y keys”, where we should therefore understand “RT”. On Musk's social network, this is the contraction of “retweet”, and therefore encourages people to share the strange tweet.

But where can this trend come from?

As often with the delusions of the Internet, the The origin of this trend can be discovered across the Atlantic. It was on les 4Chan forums that forumers launched this trend in 2021 , encouraging you to look between the T and O keys on the keyboard. This forms the word Yui, which is a character from the K-On manga that is very popular on the American forum.

An often misunderstood trend, and which is already bringing in trolls

The trend of letters which allows words to be guessed is not always understood by all users. In question, certain trolls who divert it in order to make it difficult to understand for the uninitiated.

Some jokers ask to look between the A and M keys on the keyboard, which of course doesn't form any specific words. Thus, the trend is not necessarily understandable to everyone, and could therefore quickly leave again as quickly as it arrived.

  • “Look between the letters E and Y” is a new trend that has appeared on social media.
  • It consists of indicating letters by offering to look between certain keyboard keys, here “RT” for “retweet” for example.
  • However, this trend is relatively little understood Internet users. It is therefore likely that it will disappear quickly without necessarily gaining much notoriety by then.

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