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Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Wednesday May 29, 2024 [ONLINE]

“Loto result (FDJ): the draw for Wednesday May 29, 2024 [ONLINE]”

LOTTO. The draw this Wednesday, May 29, offered a nice prize pool. But have you found? today's results?

This Wednesday, May 29, the Loto draw offered a jackpot that was interesting to say the least: 12 million euros. We know à Now that they will be put back into play with one million euros more on Saturday June 1st. And for good reason, no one found it. the Loto result this Wednesday evening. No winner from rank 1. No winner from rank 2 either. The first grids which gave a little something to everyone their owners were taken into custody. Checked with four of the five correct numbers and the Chance number. Everyone still wins 2,632.10 euros. Are you one of the lucky ones ?

Drawing of 05/29/2024

  • 10 – 19 – 28 – 37 – 38 Luck: 7
  • Joker+ 7 947 028
  • 2nd draw option: 9 – 13 – 26 – 31 – 40
  • 10 winning codes: I 5051 7546 – L 6854 0302 – N 3972 2910 – O 2065 6125 – U 4617 9899 – G 7832 8415 – R 4524 1710 – G 1926 3673 – L 86 06 0142 – T 6656 2026

You think that the 13 million euros put into play on Saturday is not enough ? The Euromillions draw will offer a jackpot of… 61 million euros. He is already there. possible to try your luck for 2.50 euros. However, let's keep in mind that'à In the Euromillions, the chances of finding the results of the day are significantly less than in the Loto. Count on one chance in more than 139 million à Euromillions against one out of more than 19 millions in the Loto. But after all, if it's your lucky day, it shouldn't be a problem…hellip; 

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