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Lupin: is part 3 of the adventures of the gentleman burglar worth the detour?

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Lupin, it’s a bit like our national treasure. Our tricolor pride. Yes, this ultra popular series around the world comes from us. Carried by Omar Sy, Lupin has managed to establish itself as an essential program in the Netflix catalog since the broadcast of its first season in 2020. Since then, the platform has rewarded us with a second season and a third batch of episodes is available today.

It took two seasons for Assane Diop to finally be able to take revenge on the Pelligrini family, at the origin of all his misfortunes and those of his father. But what does the third part of Lupin have in store for us? After his sparkling (and very public) revenge on his enemies, the gentleman burglar is actively sought by the authorities. Yes, even if it was for a good cause, he had to cheat to achieve his ends. In part 3 of Lupin, Assane Diop is therefore hunted down by the police and the press, who do not hesitate to harass his family to find out his hiding place.

But Assane Diop is full of resources and intends to remedy this situation further more painful for those close to him. And what's better than a grandiose farewell? One last masterful blow before disappearing for good, that's the anti-hero's plan. But, obviously, everything does not go as planned.

Should we skip or watch the return of Lupine on Netflix?

This third part of Lupinsomething to delight the fans. “They saw us, but they did not look at us”has become a cult replica of the main character and it is on this basis that this season 3 is based. We find Assane Diop in better shape than ever and ready to fight before disappearing for good with his wife and child. The gentleman burglar wants to strike hard and pull off the only stunt he hasn't managed: the theft of a priceless jewel, the famous Black Pearl. After a first try in 2017, it is time for him to try his luck again. “The bigger it is, the better it goes” he proclaims several times.

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To put it simply, it’s big Lupin. The character played by Omar Sy has fun with the police in the series and with the spectators off-screen. We find everything that has made Lupin successful in France and internationally. Namely thrilling intrigues that have fun with our gray cells or even endearing characters.

We once again delight in the shenanigans, charisma and ingenuity of Assane Diop who is, definitely, true to himself in this third season. Although we begin to know the character's maneuvers, we allow ourselves to be trapped. And if we are no longer fooled so easily, we continue to ask ourselves “But how does he do it?!”.

The rhythm of this new season of Lupinis excellent and perfectly mastered. So much so that we almost feel obliged to chain the episodes together to be able to untangle the ball of intrigues and subplots. Because if Assane Diop's plan was perfect, the ghosts of the past resurface. As in the first two seasons, we go back and forth regularly between the present and the past to better understand the plot. Lupin leaves nothing to chance and that is the strength of the series.

We could criticize some haphazard staging or even plain speeches. But overall, part 3 of Lupin succeeds in overcoming its weaknesses with its plot. It remains to be seen how many adventures the gentleman burglar still has in store before we tire of him completely. Because if we are euphoric at the idea of ​​finding it, we know Netflix only too well. It is better to know how to stop before indigestion occurs. But the platform is still struggling to find the balance.

If you loved the first two seasons of Lupin, there's no reason for you to sulk your pleasure in part 3 available today on Netflix. Assane Diop is still worthy of the character created by Maurice Leblanc in 1905. Discover the 7 episodes of Lupin now.

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