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Luxury gifts and free accommodation, Emirates flight attendant shares secrets of her job

An Emirates flight attendant reveals the exceptional privileges of her job within the luxury airline.

Worldwide travel, luxury gifts and free accommodation are among the privileges of this profession like no other.  Cara Eastman, Emirates flight attendant, described the 9Travel her daily life since she joined the airline in 2016. Dubaï, this 32-year-old Australian has already experienced explored more than 70 countries thanks to his work within an airline known for its luxury services and premium cabins, particularly in first class.

Traveling also allows you to fall under the spell of certain destinations. For Cara, New York is an absolute favorite. "I've been there over 25 times and I'm still so excited about it. every time I land at JFK. I have a loyalty card. in my café my favorite, çit makes me feel like a real New Yorker !” His recent vacation in Costa Rica also introduced him to breathtaking landscapes. Breathtaking. "I's seen incredible beaches and national parks where people can visit. I was able to observe sloths and toucans,” she says, “marveled by the lush nature of the country, known for its natural reserves and its preserved landscapes.

Luxury gifts and free accommodation, Emirates flight attendant shares secrets of her job

But beyond that of the privilege of traveling the globe, Emirates offers à offers its employees exceptional benefits that make this job unique and exciting. "The company provides free accommodation with no bills, as well as transportation to and from work. They even clean your uniform. dry,” explains Cara. "Our salary is very good and non-taxable," she adds.

Little extras make the experience even more memorable, like when members of the Dubai royal familyï offer luxury gifts à the crew. "Last year I was working over the Christmas period and members of the royal family were there. edge. They boughté in duty-free a gift for each of us. I received a beautiful Swarovski necklace, she remembers.

The icing on the cake is that the crew members like to please the passengers who are celebrating a birthday. Special event edge. "As soon as we find out it's someone's birthday, we go get desserts in the next class for “I'd like to give him a little surprise,” says Cara, who also gives some advice on how to better manage jet lag. just respect the time zone of the country in which I am traveling. If I land in another country 8 a.m. I will occupy myself with activities and coffee. up to 'à Make sure it's late enough in the day to sleep. Otherwise, if you take a nap when you land, you'll end up waking up much earlier. go and stay awake all night. Expert words!

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