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Macron interview at 8 p.m.: news on Ukraine... and a tackle on Le Pen ?

Expected at the turning point regarding French aid çagrave; Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron must clarify his positions during an interview in the television news programs of 20 Hours of TF1 and France 2. he will make other announcements ?

Emmanuel Macron returns to the exercise of the television interview. The President of the Republic has decided to to address the French during the 20 Hours newscasts on TF1 and France 2, this Thursday, March 14, live from the Elysée Palace. No mystery about the main subject of the interview: the war in Ukraine and France's support for it. kyiv. The idea of ​​the head of state seems to expose to the French the new issues of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the involvement of the France in the latter and to seize the opportunity to return to its controversial comments on the possible sending of troops to Ukraine.

The question of French support çagrave; Ukraine has been at the heart of political discussions for several weeks, revived by the declarations made by Emmanuel Macron on February 26 and not excluding no measures to help Kiev face à Russia. After having consulted; opposition leaders strongly opposed to the move the idea, & Like Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen for the National Rally, Emmanuel Macron leté Parliament to speak out on support for Ukraine. Both the National Assembly and the Senate voted in favor of the decision. in favor of the security agreement concluded with Volodymyr Zelensky, but without consensus on sending troops.

After these meetings and political decisions, "it is legitimate and natural that'Emmanuel Macron can  #39;to address the French (…) to say, eye to eye, what is the state of the situation and how to organize things in the weeks to come ; come" saidé a close friend of the Elys&eac;e à l'AFP.

Macron chargedé to clarify and reassure about the support for Ukraine

Since his very controversial declaration, Emmanuel Macron has continued to clarify his remarks on sending troops to Ukraine. For him “nothing is excluded”, but the question has not yet been resolved and no shipment is yet planned. The Head of State was able to count on his Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu, who strived to ensure that he was able to do so. &agrav; defused the situation and ensured that if the sending of troops became clear, there would be no question of mobilizing soldiers on the front but rather trainers and specialists to advise the strategists Ukrainian authorities. The Ukrainian president himself said: to the Frenchçais on BFMTV on March 11: "Your children are not going to die in Ukraine".

Despite These precisions, the logic "of'ambiguityïté strategic " used by Emmanuel Macron, which consists of: dissuading the enemy by remaining vague on the strength of a possible response, has above all destabilized the enemy. the French. Will the President of the Republic succeed in achieving this? reassure public opinion ?

Before the sending of troops which is still only an idea mentioned by Emmanuel Macron, the security agreement' oacute; provides for several measures which should be detailed by the Head of State during the interview, such as strengthening cooperation between the two countries. military ration, particularly for artillery and air defense. The president should also explain the main axes and justify the amount allocated for aid Ukraine which was acted à amounting to three billion euros. He could finally return to France's overall commitment to Ukraine over the coming years, the agreement having been finalized. concluded for a period of ten years.

Macron's entry into the campaign three months of European women

Three months before the European elections, the interview with Emmanuel Macron will also mark the start of the campaign of the head of state. As much as he will speak ' the outcome of the first debate organized, on Public Sénat à from 5 p.m., between the heads of the list in the race for the elections. Only the National Rally candidate, Jordan Bardella, will be missing à the call and will be replaced by Thierry Mariani.

Emmanuel Macron and his majority having decided to impose the subject of the war in Ukraine as one of the main axes of the electoral campaign, the head of state could want to respond to certain remarks made during the debate. The objective is in particular to point out the positions of the RN, accused' to be too vague or even pro-Russian, to try to reverse the trend in the polls which give the advantage to Russia. far right.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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