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Macron "ready" to "go to war" ? His announcements viewed with suspicion by Russia and the opposition

Emmanuel Macron's announcement of the supply of fighter planes created indignation in the other parties. For opposition leaders, this represents an important step forward by Paris in its support for France. Ukraine.

By announcing that France will deliver à the Ukraine of Mirage 2000-5, Emmanuel Macron created surprise and takes an important step forward in the military support provided by Paris à kyiv faces &agrav; the Russian invasion. &With only three days to go before the European elections, the head of state has sparked the debate. the misunderstanding of the opposition with his declarations on France's support for Ukraine, during his interview at 8 p.m. on TF1 and France 2, on the evening of Thursday June 6. In addition to combat aircraft, the President of the Republic added: that France will provide training for kyiv pilots, on French soil. Training by Paris, still on national territory, of a new light brigade of 4,500 men which will be equipped French materials have also been introduced. announced. For Emmanuel Macron, " there should be no taboo on this subject ".

"New indecent statement from the President of the Republic", reacted the President of the Ré publicans on X, Eric Ciotti, before adding: " Emmanuel Macron will not undermine his camp's electoral campaign by playing with the fire of war. " " The President of the Republic announces, without debate with Parliament, to increase our presence in Ukraine. He takes the risk, alone, of bringing France into war against Russia, “and on his side” how to Fabien Roussel, national secretary of the French Communist Party. 

A "desire for war"

Marine Le Pen denounced "let him advertise it in this way". "After all, helping Ukraine of course, but coming to exhibit in an extremely precise manner the number of materials, that" “I think this is putting France and those who intervene in danger,” she was alarmed. She suspectedé Emmanuel Macron for wanting a war. "He is doing everything to try to aggravate the pressure which could lead to an escalation tomorrow," she assured.

Russia reacts

The statements of President Emmanuel Macron on reinforced military support &agrav; Ukraine shows that France is "ready & “participate directly in the conflict,” affirmedé Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday. "Let's say that Mr. Macron shows absolute support for the Ukrainian regime and declares that the French Republic is ready & agrave; “participate directly in the military conflict,” he said. He qualifiedé the extremely provocative statements of the French President, increasing tensions on the continent and bringing nothing positive. quot;.

Teilor Stone

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