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Mad Max Furiosa: George Miller reveals the secrets of this legendary saga

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Movie buffs will meet on May 22 for the release of Mad Mad Furiosa. It wasn't really certain that George Miller, who was at the origin of the saga, was going to come back for this fifth film, but he ultimately chose to take the plunge. Why ? Because this franchise is extremely addictive, as he recently confided during his visit to the last CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Mad Max could have been very different

For the occasion, the director was also presented with an honorary prize and was therefore interviewed at length on stage. He returned to his atypical beginnings in the seventh art. Although he has always been passionate about cinema, he first worked as a doctor, and he even exercised this profession after directing Mad Max.

Quoted by our colleagues from Deadline, George Miller also recalled the genesis of this first film. He always wanted to create a feature film that “which relies entirely on visual language”. Which constitutes the DNA of this saga.

However, the story was originally quite different. It was not supposed to take place in an apocalyptic world, but there were to be action scenes on the streets of Melbourne in modern times. It was a kind of dystopia, except that it proved impossible to shoot in the Australian city, and the filmmaker had to change his mind.

From Fury Road to Furiosa

Later during this interview, he also mentioned the fifth part of the saga which follows the huge success of Mad Max: Fury Road :

When Fury Road was running, I thought there was a rich story to tell. It’is different– we don't want a film to be a repetition of what we have just done, it must be singularly familiar, as I like to say, and that's what led to Furiosa.

All that remains is to wait a few weeks to see if George Miller has managed to retain the energy of the last Mad Max while partly reinventing the genre so as not to bore spectators too much. In the meantime, we invite you to reread our previous articles which go into more detail about Furiosa, here and there.

What to remember:

  • George Miller had an atypical career as a filmmaker
  • Mad Max almost took place in a very different universe
  • Furiosa will try to distinguish itself from the previous part

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