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Mad Max Furiosa: why this new film promises to be crazy

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Tick toc tick tock, time is passing, and the release of Mad Max Furiosa is fast approaching. It is in fact on May 22 that this prequel to Mad Max Fury Roadwill be released in French cinemas. In this fifth part of the saga, we will follow the youth of this character already present in the previous film.

If Charlize Theron is not in the party, a prestigious casting is proposed with Anya Taylor-Joy (The Lady's Game) in the title role, as well as Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Nathan Jones (Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw). Looking closer, we can see that this feature film has a lot to offer us.

A deepening of the universe

Going back to the past, we should discover the mysterious Green Earth, a childhood memory that we see in Fury Road. This space precedes the apocalypse and we could therefore see how the world sank.

But it is indeed the fate of Imperator Furiosa that will be counted on us. How did she acquire such power and stature ? So many elements we will see on screen. If Mad Max spectators come above all for the great spectacle, the story should therefore not lack interest.

Mad Max Furiosa, the savior of Hollywood&amp ;nbsp;?

The year 2023 was particularly gloomy for the American seventh art, heavily impacted by strikes and poor box office scores for blockbusters. As our colleagues from the site Movie Web rightly explain, George Miller's film is expected to be around the corner and will have to do better than certain big franchises like Indiana Jones which failed last year.

To succeed in attracting the public, the Australian director will therefore have to maintain the codes of previous feature films while reinventing the genre. A delicate mission, but not impossible for this very talented and demanding creator.

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While waiting to enjoy this new part, we'll let you watch this first trailer again. You can also always reread our previous article which goes into detail on the main details of this production.

Are you, like us, waiting impatiently Mad Max Furiosa ? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Mad Max Furiosa will bet on impressive action scenes, but also an intriguing story
  • The film could do well at the box office
  • For this, it will be necessary to succeed in surprising the public while retaining the fans from the first hour

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