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Mali - Ivory Coast: the Elephants snatch their place in the last four after a crazy scenario, the summary

Côte d'Ivoire has again achievedé a miracle this Saturday, February 3   the occasion of the quarter-final of CAN 2023 against Mali (2-1) by overthrowing the Eagles & 10 against 11.

Mali - Ivory Coast: the Elephants snatch their place in the last four after a crazy scenario, the summary

Mali 1: 2

Mali - Ivory Coast: the Elephants snatch their place in the last four after a crazy scenario, the summary

Ivory Coast Live

Côte d'Ivoire joins the semi-finals after a completely crazy scenario against Mali (2-1). The first minutes are largely dominated by the Eagles. And the first thrill doesn't take long. Kossounou is guilty of a handball in his area and the referee will analyze the images. But a first twist of fate intervenes. An offside is finally signaled. (12th). Four minutes later, the same Kossounou begins to attack. the fault in its own surface facing à Sinayoko and, this time, the penalty is indisputable. Adama Traoré launches but stumbles on an imperial Yahya Fofana (16th). These two big chills wake up the host country slightly but not enough to worry Diarra. Just before the break, Kossounou's afternoon ordeal continues and stops at the same moment. He received a second yellow card and left his team inferior. digital (44th). Upon returning from the locker room, the elephants regroup in their half. of ground and are content to stick together. This defensive strategy disrupts the Eagles who appear less dangerous than in the first act. And in this kind of situation it often takes an individual feat. It comes just before the last quarter of an hour. Nene Dorgeles, entry in play a few minutes before, eliminated two opponents with shot feints before cleaning the top corner of Yahya Fofana taped up. in front of his line (71st). Despite their inferiority numerically, the Ééphants will fight to come back and are not far from doing so on a whim from Diakité which fails at the foot of Diarra's post (83rd). But the &Eléphants will once again prove incredibly resilient by coming back in the last seconds of regulation time thanks to & the incoming Adingra (90). This goal, it seems, is supercharged. the Ééphants who proved dangerous first in overtime. Haller hits the bar with a header that surprised Diarra (96th). From the first minutes of the second period of overtime, it was the Eagles who were not far from regaining the advantage. Dorgeles crosses hard and Boly is very close to deceiving his own goalkeeper (109th). While the penalty shootout seems to extend its arms to both teams, Seko Fofana and Oumar Diakité will capsize an entire people. The resumption of the former Lensois was deflected with a backheel by the Rémois (120th+1). This goal will be the last of this crazy meeting and therefore sends the &Eléphants to the semi-final of their CAN which definitely has its share in store for the rest of the world. émotions.

20:50 – Côte d'Ivoire will face the DRC

After the victory of the &Eléphants in this Mali – Côte d'Ivoire, the Ivorians will try to continue their completely crazy journey by beating the R& Democratic Republic of Congo this Wednesday at 9 p.m. 

This Mali – Côte d'Ivoire ends and the Éelephants are still in life and more! They reach the last square. of the competition after having torn off the a victory in the last seconds è 10 against 11. 

After his goal, Diakité removed his jersey and takes a second yellow in this Mali – Côte d'Ivoire. Tempers flare in the middle of the field. 

THIS IS CRAZY! Côte d'Ivoire snatches victory in a completely crazy atmosphere on a volley from Seko Fofana on a poorly returned free kick. by the Malian defense. Oumar Diakité d&eac;a misses Fofana's strike. 

20:38 – One minute before the p& oacute;nalties (120')

The additional time of this second period of overtime is one minute. The penalty shootout is getting dangerously close in this Mali – Côte d'Ivoire. 

20:33 – The center of Diabaté file (116')

The Malian midfielder tries to find Dorgeles at the far post but his cross is much too slippery. The clock is ticking and the penalties are getting closer in Mali – Ivory Coast. 

20:31 – Dorgeles wants his double (113')

The Malian striker of this Mali – Côte d'Ivoire tries to recreate his magnificent goal but this time success eludes him. 

20:28 – A new box (111')

For a high foot, Oumar Diakité received a fairly logical warning. 

On the free kick, initially repelled, Dorgeles a second chance and strong cross. Boly throws himself and is very close to fooling his own goalkeeper. 

20:25 – Diakité makes a mistake (108')

Dorgeles éeliminates Diakité and wins an off-centre free kick which could prove dangerous for Côte d'Ivoire. 

In an absolutely incredible atmosphere, the two teams return to the field and embark on these last 15 minutes of this Mali – Côte d'Ivoire. 

What voltage à Bouaké ! The first period of the extension of this Mali – Ivory Coast has just ended and the biggest opportunity was for Haller who touched the bar. 

20:19 – One more minute (105')

< p>The additional time of this first act of the extension of Mali – Côte d'Ivoire is a minimum of one minute.

20:18 – Fofana in two stages (104')

Boubacar Traoré takes his chance from a long distance but his floating shot doesn't really worry the Ivorian goalkeeper. 

20:16 – Change for Mali (102')

Éric Chelle makes a change to a few minutes of half-time of this extension of Mali – Côte d&Ivoire with the entry of Sissoko & Samassekou square. 

20:15 – Bissouma takes his chance (101')

The former Lille player tries from outside the area but his attempt is repelled by the heroé iuml;that Ivorian defense. 

20:13 – A new head (100')

After Haller's header, it's Malian defender Kouyaté which regains its head but the latter is less dangerous. 

The Peace Stadium was ready to play. implode on this header from Haller which ends up on the bar of Diarra who was beaten. What a huge opportunity for elephants in Mali – Côte d&Ivoire. 

20:09 – Dorgeles touchedé (95')

The Malian evening scorer puts back a few seconds à regain his senses after taking Kessi's hand. in the face. 

20:07 – Adingra goes after the public (93')

He's the man from this Mali – Ivory Coast and he's taking advantage of it. The Brighton winger will seek the support of the public after a winning touch. 

And that' left for the first period of this extension of this incredible Mali – Ivory Coast. The Éeléphants & 10 against 11 went for the equalizer. Everything is &agrav; redo for the Eagles. 

Incredible! The Éelephants are still alive in this CAN 2023 and force Mali to play their part. compete for a place in the final four; in an extension that promises to be exciting. 

19:59 – Bissouma makes his entrance (90+ 7')

The former Lille player replaces Brest player Kamory Doumbia for the final moments of this second period. 

19:58 – Fofana saves time (90+6')

The Ivorian goalkeeper does everything to save time in this end of Mali – Ivory Coast. The Ivorians want to go into overtime. 


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