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Manchester City - Real Madrid: Lunin finishes as a hero, Haaland missed out... the summary of the match

In pain, Real Madrid was able to eliminate Manchester City on penalties (1-1, tab: 3-4). The Merengue join Bayern Munich in the semi-final of the Champions League.

Manchester City - Real Madrid: Lunin finishes as a hero, Haaland missed out... the summary of the match

Manchester City 1: 1

Manchester City - Real Madrid: Lunin finishes as a hero, Haaland missed out... the summary of the match

real Madrid Live

In the first period, Manchester City, quite sterile, was trapped by Real Madrid. On the counterattack, the Merengue found; the solution via Rodrygo. The attacker was attacked. perfectly found in the penalty area by his Brazilian partner  Vinicius  (0-1, 12th). Symbol of clumsiness citizen, Haaland, à five meters from the goal, placed his head on the Lunin crossbar (17th). The Ukrainian goalkeeper didn't need anyone to repel De Bruyne's attempts (27th, 45th). Announcer of this end of the game. À forced to endure, Real Madrid still ended up giving in on a goal from De Bruyne (1-1, 76th), who was able to take advantage of a missed clearance ;eacute; by Rudiger. On penalties, the Real Madrid goalkeeper pushed backé the attempts of Silva and Kovacic, thus saving the initial failure of Modric (1-1, tab: 3-4). And as fate was in favor of the Merengue, it was Rudiger who caught up. his mistake. In the semi-final of the Champions League, Real Madrid will play Bayern Munich. 

Ederson dove on the right side, but the ball went wide. placed in the small net. 

17/04/24 – 23:46 – Ederson converts his shot on goal (3 -3)

The Manchester City goalkeeper took responsibility. Now it's match point for Rudiger. 

04/17/24  – 23:46 – Nacho doesn't shake (2-3)

À the image of Foden, the captain of Real Madrid opened his foot. City no longer has the right to the error. 

04/17/24 – 11:45 p.m. – Foden keeps his team alive (2-2)

The Englishman has it perfectly opened his foot. 

17/04/24 – 23:45 – Vazquez gives Real Madrid the advantage ( 1-2)

The Spaniard took à against Ederson. There is a break in advance for the Merengue. 

The Real Madrid goalkeeper clearly felt Kovacic's cross shot . 

04/17/24- 23:43 – Bellingham equalizes (1-1)

The Englishman waited for Ederson to leave before choosing his side. 

Bernardo Silva shoté right in the middle. The Real Madrid goalkeeper did not move. 

The Croatian crossed his strike. The Manchester City goalkeeper read this shot correctly. 

04/17/24 – 23:40 – Alvarez throws perfectly City (1-0)

The Argentinian shot &agrav; his right. Lunin was é taken &agrav; counterbalance. 

04/17/24 – 23:38 – Walker woné the toss!

Manchester City will shoot first. 

17/04/24 – 23:37 – Bayern Munich awaits its opponent

Winner of Arsenal (1-0), the German ogre has already ;eacute;jà joined the semi-finals. 

At the end of the two matches, there was not a single winner (3-3; 1- 1). 

04/17/24 – 23:34 – Alvarez stumbles on Lunin (120th)< /h3>

The Real Madrid doorman has closed the door. its angle. 


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