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Manchester United - Manchester City&nbsp ;: the Citizens reign over Manchester, the match summary

Port by Haaland, author of a double; and a decisive pass for Foden, City outclassed United at Old Trafford and keep the pace at the top of the table. Overwhelmed, the Red Devils remain stuck in the soft underbelly of the Premier League.

Manchester United - Manchester City: the Citizens reign over Manchester, the summary of the match

Manchester United 0: 3

Manchester United - Manchester City: the Citizens reign over Manchester, the match summary

Manchester City Live

7:00 p.m. – Good evening

Thanks to all and all everyone for accompanying us to follow this 191st Manchester derby and the demonstration of City against United. Football continues on linternaute.com with this evening at; 8:45 p.m. the duel in Ligue 1 between Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais. Good evening

Manchester United - Manchester City: the Citizens win the match trouble on Manchester, the summary of the match

You had to see the stadium empty while there were still around ten minutes to go. play. A few moments earlier, Foden had appeared within 6 meters to propel the ball given to him into the goal. by Haaland, who had followed a shot from Rodri deflected by Onana. The English international came to contribute to the triumph of the English champions who were then leading 3-0. It was too much for Red Devils fans who didn't want to see more of the sorry spectacle before their eyes. This afternoon, which began under the sun and in the fond memory of Sir Bobby Charlton, ended in the darkness of the day. a bitter defeat in the pouring rain. The sad reality of the gap separating the two Manchester clubs.

Last season, United were able to hold on to their goals. at home, be eye-catching and have that extra spirit, that madness to overthrow your opponent at the end of the match. This time, he will have missed everything to the premises to avoid sinking. Deprived of the ball, they were not helped by the referee when he decided to go and see what happened. the video shows a clash in the area between Hojlund and Rodri. The action seemed banal, the clash real but usual in this type of situation from a free kick, but Mr Tierney finally pointed to the penalty spot. Haaland did not need to be asked and took Onana away; counter-foot. Decisive a few minutes earlier but also later. several times later to delay the deadline, the Cameroonian goalkeeper could do nothing. Not aggressive enough, the Red Devils waited until the end of the first act to begin a reaction but McTominay's shot was deflected by Ederson.

What follows will be even more difficult for the men of Ten Hag. If he had seen Onana deprive him of the double just before the break, Haaland did himself justice with a similar action as soon as he returned from the locker room. In less than five minutes, the Norwegian had just scored his 11th goal of the season and put the Red Devils' heads under water. City did not release their grip. Worse, he accentuated it and flew over the second act, rewarding observers with stunning sequences of possession as only Guardiola's teams know how to construct them. It was at the end of one of these, lasting more than 2 minutes and more than 50 passes, that Foden hit the nail on the head. The latter could even have afforded a double. also but its returned acrobatic on a deviated center of Grealish, who was bleeding for his 100th with City, only grazed Onana's post.

No matter, the score was already up. ample and severe lesson from the citizen professor in a derby which will have been à One Way. Everyone wanted to know what color Manchester was and it is definitely blue, to the great dismay of the red people, orphaned by one of their legends and whose club finds itself falling behind. in the Premier League.

18:40 – End of series

By winning on the pitch at Old Trafford, City put an end to their victory. a series of three consecutive defeats to away in the Premier League. At the same time, he stopped rival United's run of three straight wins.

18:35 – City recovers

Two days after Tottenham’s success and the day after Arsenal’s demonstration, City responded to their request. its rivals and returns to height of the Gunners, second, at two lengths from Spurs. For its part, United stagnated at 8th place, at already 10 lengths from his opponent of the day.

Haaland's last free kick is blocked by the wall and the referee whistles the end of the match. Author of a successful collective performance, City crushed the game. United in the 191st Manchester derby (3-0). Of immense superiority Technically, the Citizens first benefited from the advantage. a generous penalty to take the advantage thanks to Haaland before progressing in the second half, the Norwegian signing a double. before delivering a decisive pass to Foden at the end of the match. A clear success which sanctions the Red Devils, without spring and having accepted domination of the visitors too easily.

18:26 – Rodri hits McTominay

The Citizens want to add another and Rodri shoots from 20 meters but his attempt hits McTominay who had positioned himself ; in front of him to protect his guardian. Behind, a foul is committed and offers a free kick to the scorer. City àgrave; 25 meters.

18:25 – Yellow card for Bruno Fernandes

Doku is overflowing right and avoids a late tackle from Bruno Fernandes. The former Rennais continued his action, passing along the line behind the goal but finding no partner. The referee gives the Red Devils captain a yellow for his failed tackle.

18:23 – Yellow card for Antony

Face to face Doku who knits, Antony hooks the former Rennais. The Brazilian loses his temper and comes head to head, pushing back the City player. He is warned for his moody gesture.

18:22 – Additional time: 4 minutes

As in the first period, there will be four minutes of added time in this second period while the City supporters stand still, greeting each pass of theirs with vocals "Olé" in an emptying stadium.

18:17 – Latest changes for United

In the 86th minute, Ten Hag launched its last forces into this derby with the entries of Martial and Antony at the front. Rashford and Eriksen's place.

18:16 – Heavy rain

Start under the sun, this 191st Manchester derby ended in pouring rain. Difficult conditions when many supporters have already suffered. started à desert the bays of Old Trafford, at 5 minutes from the end of the match.

18:15 – The returnee from Foden

At the left corner of the area, Grealish sees his cross from the right deflected wide. and gain height. Near the penalty spot, Foden tries to score. a returned acrobatic but his ball brushes the post at left.

At the end of a sequence of high quality possession, and more than two minutes long, Rodri takes responsibility for the Light the first wick. From 20 meters, the Spaniard unleashes a powerful left cross strike. Onana relaxes to her left and pushes the ball back to…Haaland who followed when Evans was content to to accompany him with his gaze. The Norwegian serves Foden at 6 meters in the axis where he concludes.

18:10 – The City bull

The Manchester City players impose a new stunning sequence of possession. There is always a free player to ask for and receive the ball. Opposite, the Red Devils are withdrawn in their last 30 meters and tirelessly running after the leprechauns dressed in blue.

18:08 – Maguire on the cover

On a lost ball in the central circle, Foden looks in depth for Haaland but his pass is too strong and Maguire, well placed, places his head to extinguish the action that was taking shape.

18:06 – Double change for United

In the 73rd minute, Ten Hag made two new changes bringing Hojlund, heavily whistled, and Lindelöf onto the bench. They are replaced by Garnacho and Reguilon.

A few moments after Rashford's action, Haaland almost scored a hat-trick. Coming from his left wing, Grealish forces Evans to go out his encounter, and slides the ball behind his back for Haaland, more lively than Maguire. the Norwegian attacks his attempt but Onana comes out on him and turns for a corner with his chest.

Rashford makes the call in the middle, passes Walker and is served with a wonderful cross. His chest control is good but City's full-back hampers him and forces him to play. a timeout before hitting the cross. law. His ball passes Ederson's goal.

18:00 – The Red Devils repelled

Eriksen curls his corner into the heart of the area where; Stones positions his head to clear. It comes back to the feet of Bruno Fernandes at the same time. 20m. The Portuguese feints the center, gives to Dalot who hesitates and plays with Eriksen who has replaced himself. The Red Devils are at The stoppage and Bruno Fernandes’s despite cross is repelled. without difficulty.

17:58 – Eriksen gleans a corner

After a high recovery, Eriksen overflows to the right. right, gets rid of Alvarez's marking and crosses strongly to the right. level with the ground. On the trajectory, Gvardiol deflects for a corner with his foot.

17:57 – Walker with his head

Side right, Dalot hooks Grealish and gives a very good ball behind Gvardiol's back. Bruno Fernandes. The captain of the Red Devils takes his cross which goes to the far post towards Rashford. Walker reads the trajectory well and deviates with a bell before clearing his camp with the help of Foden.

17:55 – It escapes à Alvarez

Side right, Walker overflows and stops his race in front of two adversaries. In the incapacity to give to Foden, he plays at inside sideways for Alvarez. The Argentinian fires with the left but his shot escapes him and goes wide. next to it à left.

17:51 – Grealish crosses too much

Alvarez leans on Stones in the box and ends up shifting wide. left, where Bernardo Silva lets Grealish pass between his legs. From a tight angle, the former Aston Villa player swings his left but crosses his attempt too far which passes in front of Onana's goal.

Foden once again changes the direction. His pass is missed, bounces off Gvardiol but finally reaches the goal. Grealish, his first target. The Englishman moves inside and follows up with a rolling right strike. It's framed and Onana has to dive to deflect with both hands.

17:46 – The ball is confiscated

The Red Devils are weaned ball by their neighbors who do not relent their efforts. They run as if they weren't two goals ahead with the will to do so. to move forward. This time, it's up to you. right as pressure is applied. Alvarez is shifted; in the area and tries his luck in a tight angle. Without success, the Argentinian still obtained the title. a whole corner.


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