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Many parents have forgotten: this bill is due in a few days

An important deadline is coming for many parents and we will have to get our hands on it. the pocket.

Canteen, childcare costs, school outings, fairs, after-school activities… Parents' lives are punctuated by permanent expenses, always with the fear of losing money. #39;forgetting something about your child. It's difficult to remember the various financial deadlines all the time, not to mention that you shouldn't forget the rest on a daily basis. Above all, for new parents, their heads are often turned solely towards their offspring and the assimilation of information sometimes leads to forgetting. However, one should not be forgotten these days since the deadline to take care of it is coming up. big steps.

After the birth of their child, more and more French people call on a childminder. A means of childcare to compensate for the lack of places in crèches. According to the latest figures from the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees), 20% of parents use child care. this method. So, as with a cleaning lady for example, they are the ones who pay the person directly. They are therefore parent employers, with the administrative constraints that this entails. One of these constraints must be resolved in June.

Like any employee, a childminder receives a salary, as well as compensation for paid leave. Except that there is no HR department to manage this part. It's & you to do it. And Urssaf is very clear about the period in question. which must be adjusted.

Many parents have forgotten: this bill is due in a few days

"On May 31, we take stock of paid leave with our childminder", explains " The Internet user Ufnafaam (National Federation of Associations of Host Families and Maternal Assistants). On this date, parents who use à a nanny 46 weeks in the year or less must calculate the number of paid leave acquired by the professional and, above all, must pay their dues. .

Indeed, when the childminder takes leave, she is paid. However, if the contract concluded with it is 46 weeks or less, the money towards every month only corresponds to the salary and does not include a share for paid leave (unlike a 52-week contract).

Thus, the amount due under the “CP” must be paid according to the following terms: either in full at least in June, or during the main holiday period, or a portion at each holiday period. This depends on the contract signed. “Most of the time, everything is paid “all at once in June”, explains Ufnafaam.

Many parents must therefore, these days, establish the number of days of leave accumulated by their nanny for the care of their child and calculate the sum that this represents, before paying her very soon. Parents sometimes find themselves helpless in the situation because they have not anticipated the payment of this leave. However, this represents several hundred euros, regardless of the calculation method chosen. The due date can come as a nasty surprise to some, especially since no help is paid by the State to pay for paid leave.

It is therefore not uncommon for parents to be unable to pay this amount. Therefore, a written arrangement to set up a payment schedule can be found with the nanny, explains Ufnafaam, which tempers: “this must remain exceptional!” To avoid an unpleasant surprise, the organization recommends that all parents who have signed a contract of 46 weeks or less put aside, every month, 10% of the childminder's salary. This corresponds, overall, to the amount owed for paid leave.

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