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Many workers are still afraid of using AI: the reasons

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Since the arrival of ChatGPT, the uses of generative artificial intelligence have multiplied. Whether analyzing data, coding, finding inspiration, or writing a resume, tools like ChatGPT or Gemini can increase a person's productivity. But, within companies, many workers are still afraid to admit that they use generative AI.

This is, in any case, what is suggested by a study from Asana, which is reported by CNBC. As part of this study, entitled “State of AI at Work”, 5,007 “knowledge workers” were interviewed in the United States and the United Kingdom. More than a quarter of those surveyed say they are afraid people will think they are lazy if they use artificial intelligence. And 23% of respondents are also afraid of being accused of fraud because of the use of AI. Finally, a third of respondents indicate that they fear being replaced by artificial intelligence.

A lack of clear instructions?< /h2>

In an interview with CNBC, Rebecca Hinds, head of Asana's Work Innovation Lab, explains that this situation is due to the fact that some companies do not provide clear indications about the use of artificial intelligence. In any case, generative artificial intelligence is increasingly used in businesses, and those who use it say they are seeing a gain in productivity.

In fact, 57% of workers in the United States already use generative AI at least once a week, compared to 46% a month ago. And in the United Kingdom, this rate is 48%, compared to 29% a month ago. Furthermore, 69% of workers using generative AI indicate that they have increased their productivity. However, in addition to highlighting a lack of clear instructions on the use of AI, the study also suggests that workers are not supported. Indeed, 82% have not yet received specific training for AI.

  • Since the launch of ChatGPT, the uses of generative artificial intelligence have multiplied
  • In companies, these tools can help workers carry out their tasks
  • But many workers fear that they will be considered lazy if they use generative AI
  • This situation is due to a lack of communication within companies, which do not always give clear instructions on the use of AI at work

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