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Marc-André Grenon admits to having killed Guylaine Potvin | Marc-André Grenon undergoes his trial

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Marc-André Grenon is accused of the murder and sexual assault of Guylaine Potvin.

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At the opening of its argument at the trial of Marc-André Grenon, the prosecution revealed that the accused's lawyers admitted that he had indeed caused the victim's death in April 2000. He, however, denies his guilt to the accusations. of first degree murder and sexual assault.

This revelation comes as the final arguments of the defense and the Crown. This is the penultimate stage of this trial which began on January 15.

For According to the prosecution, there is no doubt that the accused entered Guylaine Potvin's apartment with the aim of satisfying his sexual urges. Mr. Pierre-Alexandre Bernard affirmed that all the acts of violence committed from the start of the attack were in this direction.

Analysis of the scene demonstrated that the signs of struggle were only present in the victim's bedroom, which suggests that she was surprised while she was sleeping in her bed. It was moved and the sheets and pillows were on the floor.

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Guylaine Potvin was killed in Jonquière in 2000.

Marc-André Grenon undergoes his trial

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Marc-André Grenon undergoes his trial

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The prosecutor called back that the victim had been found naked. She was wearing only a t-shirt that was pulled up over her upper body when she was discovered on the morning of April 28, 2000.

The injuries on his body were numerous and significant. She had them on her neck, head, face, shoulder, knees, genitals, wrists and left breast.

The prosecutor recalled that Guylaine Potvin's body showed bruising, but also bleeding, which demonstrated that her heart was still beating when the injuries were caused.

The samples made it possible to establish the presence of DNA in several places in the room and on the victim's body. Marc-André Grenon's blood was discovered on the belt which was allegedly used to carry out the murder and on a box of condoms left in the room. His DNA was also found in the victim's mouth, under his fingernails and on his genitals.

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A belt whose buckle is broken found on the victim's bed. The original photo has been cropped.

Mr. Bernard reminded the jurors that the forensic pathologist had mentioned during her testimony that the cause of death was clear. Guylaine Potvin died of mixed strangulation, that is to say manual and by link.

Il argued that premeditation of a crime need not be a very elaborate plan.

On the night of April 27 to 28, 2000, Marc-André Grenon entered Guylaine Potvin's room while she was sleeping. Guylaine Potvin had the right to feel safe at home, but, tragically, Marc-André Grenon literally had the fate of Guylaine Potvin. He took advantage of her vulnerability to attack her, to control her and to perpetrate a sexual assault. Marc-André Grenon succeeded in his project: to satisfy his sexual urges at all costs. For him, hunger justified all means. It will be you who will have the fate of Marc-André Grenon in your hands. I wish you good deliberations, concluded Pierre-Alexandre Bernard.

At the start of his pleading, Mr. Bernard had took care to address the jurors by reminding them that they had all been selected because of their capacity for discernment, their ability to judge the evidence that was presented before them in recent weeks.

Marc-André Grenon's lawyers will in turn address the jurors on Wednesday afternoon.

The pleadings take place in front of a crowded room at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

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