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Marjorie Taylor Greene will attempt to impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Photo: Brendan Smialowski Agence France-Presse Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Congressional Speaker Mike Johnson of “treason.”

France Media Agency in Washington

Posted at 10:46 a.m.

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An elected official from the American hard right announced Wednesday that she would file a motion “next week” to impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, for having supported the sending of new funds to Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a parliamentarian close to Donald Trump and known for her escapades, accuses the congressional official, a member of her party, of “treason “.

“Mike Johnson has fully embraced Washington's repugnant business model of financing forever wars,” the Georgia congresswoman said during a press conference.

“So next week, I'm going to file my motion to impeach him,” she announced.

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Support for kyiv was the subject of very lively debates in the American Congress, with many Republicans calling for no more funds to be released to the country, at war with Russia.

After months of procrastination and pressure from Democrats and allies around the world, Republican leader Mike Johnson finally supported the package — drawing the wrath of the hard right.

Any elected official of the House of Representatives can file a motion to impeach its president.

However, it is very unlikely that Mike Johnson will ultimately be dismissed, the Democratic leadership having announced on Tuesday that it would exceptionally vote, with moderate Republicans, to keep him in office.

This saga has a real air of déjà vu.

The former speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was impeached only a few years ago months in a very similar scenario: he was accused by a small group of Trumpists of having reached a “secret deal” with the Democrats on Ukraine, in the middle of budget negotiations.

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