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Mark Zuckerberg denigrates the Apple Vision Pro (again)

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Last month, Apple finally launched its brand new product: the Vision Pro. Announced at the WWDC conference last June, this mixed reality headset (but much more than that) was the most anticipated tech product of the year. Now available on the American market, but without any release date for French tech aficionados, the Apple Vision Pro created a stir when it was launched in the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York.< /p>

Unsurprisingly, everyone was waiting for its launch to give their opinion on this coveted object. Everyone has their own little grain of salt. Obviously, Mark Zuckerberg didn't miss out on the Apple Vision Pro. In a video published on his Instagram account, the dad of Facebook was not kind to the new toy from the Cupertino company. In a new publication, on Threads this time, Mark Zuckerberg once again tackles the Apple Vision Pro.

The Meta Quest 3, still better than the Apple Vision Pro ?

After trying the Apple Vision Pro when it was released, Mark Zuckerberg is categorical. Its Meta Quest 3 at “only” 699.99 euros, is much better than Apple’s new product. Its mixed and virtual reality headset would be better in many aspects, and above all much cheaper.

On Threads, analyst Benedict Evans says he is confused by Meta's VR engineers who compare the Meta Quest 3 to the Apple Vision Pro. Despite the limitations of the Cupertino company's headset, the latter affirms that Meta aspires to such a product (at such a price) in the 3 to 5 years to come. A statement that Mark Zuckerberg does not intend to let pass. On his social network, the boss of Meta replies “I don't think we are saying that these devices are the same. We say the Quest is better”.

Mark Zuckerberg takes the opportunity to point out every fault of the Apple Vision Pro. “If our devices weigh as much as theirs in 3-5 years, or they have the motion blur they have, or the same lack of input precision, etc. , this will then mean that we have regressed considerably”. Ouch.

But Meta's boss isn't just denigrating the Apple Vision Pro. Indeed, he recognizes that Apple's new product benefits from a better screen resolution. But by choosing to sacrifice important elements. Giving up on ergonomics and good focus for better resolution is not really a victory given that the Quest's resolution, although less good, is far from bad, according to him.< /p>

In this debate, Mark Zuckerberg recalls that mixed reality headsets are not limited to video games. 3 of the 7 most downloaded applications are Horizon, VR Chat and Rec Room, three social networks. “I think the idea that these headsets are just for gaming is outdated” he added.

< p>In short, it seems that every opportunity is good to denigrate the Apple Vision Pro from Meta.

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