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Mark Zuckerberg tested Apple's Vision Pro: his opinion is predictable

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After its release, Apple's mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, was the subject of numerous reviews on the web. And, in turn, Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Meta, gave his. In a video published on his Instagram account, he compares the Vision Pro to the competing product offered by Meta, the Quest 3 headset. As a reminder, the Quest 3 has a starting price of 549.99 euros in France. The Vision Pro, which is only available in the United States at the moment, costs $3,499.

As his product is 7 times cheaper, Mark Zuckerberg first thought that the Quest 3 was more competitive thanks to its price. But he explains that after using the Apple headset, he concluded that the Quest 3 not only has the best value for money. “Different companies have made different design decisions for headsets, they have different strengths. But overall, Quest is better for the vast majority of things people use mixed reality for”, he said.

First of all, the video, filmed with a Quest 3, highlights the quality of the “passthrough” camera of the Meta headset, allowing users to use virtual reality, while maintaining contact with the real environment. . The boss of Meta, for example, mentioned comfort, which would be better on the Quest 3 which weighs only 120 grams. The Meta boss also criticized Apple's design choices. Indeed, the Cupertino company would have sacrificed certain things, such as comfort and ergonomics, to place screens with a higher resolution.

Good news for the entire market

Otherwise, Mark Zuckerberg also thinks that Meta made the right choice to use a combination of controllers and hand controls. But at the same time, Meta intends to reintroduce an eye control system, like on the Vision Pro, on its future helmets. On the other hand, since Meta has been present in the AR/VR field for a while, the Quest 3 also boasts more immersive content. As a reminder, Apple currently claims a catalog of 600 apps designed for the Vision Pro, as well as a catalog of more than a million iPhone and iPad applications that have been ported to Vision Pro.

Obviously, the more headsets Apple sells, the more developers will be interested in the visionOS platform. As a result, it is possible that Meta will lose this advantage, in terms of content, in the long term. But, in any case, Apple's arrival in mixed reality could benefit the Meta group and all players in this market. Indeed, the launch of Vision Pro validates the investments that Meta has made in this area. And this launch should also increase the general public's interest in this type of headset. Moreover, rumors suggest that Meta would now like to position itself as the alternative to Apple products in the field of mixed reality (an Android equivalent).

Otherwise, remember that for their part, Samsung and Google are also working on an augmented reality product. We don't know when this product will be available, but we already know that it will use a Qualcomm chip.

  • Mark Zuckerberg tested Apple's Vision Pro headset and gives his opinion
  • According to him, in addition to being significantly cheaper, the Meta Quest 3 is, in general, a better product
  • However, Apple's launch of the Vision Pro could well help Meta increase its sales

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