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Marseille: two OM players targeted by a carjacking attempt

Jean Onana and Faris Moumbagna wereé the target on Sunday night à Monday of an attempted carjacking. If neither of the two OM players was é injured In the attack, the criminals succeeded in killing themselves. to escape.

Two players playing for Olympique de Marseille, Jean Onana and Faris Moumbagna, were signed. victims, on the night of Sunday May 19 to Monday May 20, of an attempted theft of their vehicle their return from a trip to Le Havre, revealed Europe 1. It was around 4 a.m. when the vehicles of the two players, who were leaving the Commanderie, the training center of Olympique de Marseille, were arrested. targeted by criminals. The events, which took place in the southern districts of the city, Phoc&eac;enne, took place in quite frightening conditions. Indeed, the criminals à The origin of the attack would have used a weapon. fire, report our colleagues.

No injuries à deplore

If neither player has been defeated, injured, bullet holes found in the trunk and doors   vehicles, leave the scars of great fear for the latter. Although they did not succeed in steal cars, the perpetrators of carjacking succeeded in to escape. The defender of the Marseille team, Bamo Meït&eac;, also at the wheel of his car, did not. he wasn't targeted. The Marseille prosecutor's office, which confirmed; the facts, contacted the City's judicial police to try to shed light on this event.

The Marseille football team returned on Sunday from a trip to Le Havre, after a break ;be imposed two goals to one on the lawn of the Oceane stadium. Despite this victory, this one will not have been sufficient à Olympique de Marseille to qualify for the European Cup. The men  of Jean-Louis Gasset thus finished à 8th place in the championship, à only one place from seventh place which qualified for the Conference League.

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