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Marvel: the secrets of the intense physical preparation of the actors


It's no secret that the physical preparations of actors who play superheroes in the cinema are particularly intense. But there is a truth which is much less admitted: it is probable that the physical evolutions of certain actors are not obtained in a completely natural way.

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This is in any case the opinion of Professor Todd Schroeder, associate professor of Clinical Physical Therapy and Director of the University of Southern California Clinical Exercise Research Center at the University of Southern California Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. Quoted by Vanity Fair, the latter thus estimates that “50 to 75 % of Marvel stars” use products to improve their muscles more quickly.

< p>And the expert adds:

Many actors do not They don't talk openly, but they work with a doctor, a nutritionist and a trainer, and it's a team. It's not wise for an actor to do this alone. The most important thing is that you can take steroids, testosterone, different androgens, growth hormone for a short time without lasting effects on the body. It's not like we're becoming addicted.

The scientist considers it logical that stars paid several million dollars for a role would try to improve their appearance to meet studio expectations under the supervision of a health professional.

Of course, this is just his opinion, and stars generally don't want to reveal their secrets. Although completely legal, taking these products is often frowned upon, and it can cause some longer-term health problems if not managed correctly.

Regardless, MCU stars have often acknowledged how difficult the physical preparation for their roles is. We particularly remember the words of Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor. He explained like this:

It was especially difficult because the target weight we were aiming for was much higher than what I had previously achieved. I've probably never been in better shape. For 12 months, I stayed at home training and sculpting my body like a puppet. We tried more swimming, then more martial arts, and adjusted the calories. It was a really fun exploration.

The actor, however, believes that doing so much weight training is brutal on his body and that it don't particularly like it. You can also reread our article on this subject here.

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