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Marvels for adults: this director teases a brutal and hardcore MCU series


If you're bored of Marvel productions lately, you're not the only one. The Disney studio, however, seems to have received the message and is preparing to change by offering some fairly innovative content. This is particularly the case for the animated series Marvel Zombies which will be broadcast on Disney+.

“It's violent and hardcore”

And in fact, Bryan Andrews, director and executive director on this project , was interviewed on the site Marvel.com. The director has started to tease this production which will be dedicated to adults. He explains thus: “It's going to be pretty impressive. I mean it's TV-MA (reserved for adults, Editor's note), it's hardcore. People are dying. And they die suddenly. So there are still a few laughs to be found here and there. It's not completely horrible….

He adds:

It's pretty brutal. There's a lot of action. There are big emotions. There is drama. There is all that. (…) I can’t wait for people to finally start seeing this kind of thing. But I hope we don't give too many details because I think there are a lot of surprises. And it's better for people to go there without being spoiled. They will be very surprised when they see the crazy things we have planned for them.

Marvel turns to adults

This four-episode series is expected to include several big characters from the MCU, and a dozen heroes whose names have not been revealed. Regardless, it's very interesting to see Marvel digging into this adult content. This will also be the case this year with Deadpool 3 which will be released on July 24 in France.

On also think of Werewolf by Night, a black and white horror film released in 2022 on Disney+. If you haven't seen this gem yet, you can always reread our review here.

Do you think that this deliberate choice by Marvel to produce more mature and adult projects is going in the right direction? Do not hesitate to give your point of view in the comments.

What to remember:

  • A new series of zombies will released on Disney+
  • This Marvel production is dedicated to adults
  • We are promised hardcore and violent scenes, even if the humor will always be present

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