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May 1 demonstrations: unions in disarray, the end of the sacred union

Between 100,000 and 150,000 people will take to the streets. this Wednesday à across France. But after a fashion show, unitary last year, the unions will this time be divided.

Return à the normal. For this May 1, 2024, there will be no sacred union in the four corners of France to celebrate Labor Day . Exit the unitary processions of 2023 and the common scolding against pension reform, make way for a more classic mobilization, in which the different trade union organizations will each demonstrate on their own side with varied demands. In 2023, 800,000 people took to the streets. This Wednesday, an attendance of 100,000 à 150,000 people are expected   across the country. A demonstration orchestrated around three pillars: peace, Europe and austerity.

CGT and FSU: together for peace and face à austérité

In 2023, the eight main unions, CGT, CFDT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, FSU, Unsa and Solidaires, had marched together for a record mobilization, marked by significant clashes. In 2024, the situation is no longer the same and the watchwords are very different.

The CGT, the FSU and Solidaires call in a press release &agrav; "demonstrate everywhere in France", notably "against austerityé", for employment and wages. These organizations “reaffirm – also – their commitment to a just and lasting peace”. Same story for Unef, La Page or MNL which are launching an appeal against indecent profits and “gifts to employers”. Peace in the face of current conflicts, between Russia and Ukraine, or Israel and Hamas, is also at the heart of the anger.

The CFDT advocates a "more ambitious Europe"

For its part, the CFDT has decided to to demand a "more ambitious Europe for workers" &agrav; just over a month from the European elections. The general secretary, Marylise Léon, will be present at the conference. Nancy this Wednesday. "Also highlighting the risk of the far right in power and the importance of democracy" we specify in the ranks of the CFDT. Not very talkative, FO indicates that she will march "on her own positions and demands". Finally, Unsa calls for help. mobilize by pointing out the "purchasing power at half mast" and the "stigmatization of the unemployed and the poorest". 

"A very relative craze"

This year, pro-Palestinian movements could also join the processions. Anti-Olympic slogans could also flourish, so that support the civil servants mobilized by the event and not paid enough according to the unions. A source close to the Ministry of the Interior also indicates that: France Info that the farmers' movement is not over. Some targeted actions in the agricultural world are not within reach. exclude. Finally, due to the reduced number of participants compared to last year, a "very relative craze" is &agrav; consider confiding a police source to l'AFP.

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