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MCU: what do you absolutely have to see before the release of The Marvels?

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The last time the Marvel Cinematic Universe met us in cinemas, we were treated to a particularly moving final reunion withThe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. While season 2 of Loki is currently airing on Disney+, Marvel continues to try to make us forget the disappointments of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania or even Thor: Love and Thunder for many spectators.

This fall, Marvel is taking “girl power” very seriously with the release of The Marvels. Three superheroines come together and it risks sparks. The destinies of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel (yes, yes) and Miss Marvel find themselves intertwined and the protagonists will have to work together to get everything back to normal. Of course, nothing is ever simple in the MCU.

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But you know Marvel well… If you want to understand all the issues and references of The Marvels, you have a bit of work to do. Nothing is obligatory, of course. But the experience will only be better, believe us.

In order to be properly prepared for the release of The Marvels, here are the 5 films and series to have seen before going to the cinema closest to you from November 8, 2023.

Captain Marvel

The Marvels is not called Captain Marvel 2. However, in fact, this new feature film is indeed considered as the sequel to the film dedicated to Carole Danvers released in 2019. Captain Marvel presents us with the origins of the superhero played by Brie Larson .

After losing her memory, the young woman lives on the planet Hala and battles against the Skrulls, shape-shifting aliens capable of taking on the appearance of others. During a mission, she is captured before managing to escape… Until she crashes on planet Earth, crosses paths with Nick Fury and finds her former partner Marie Rambeau. Carole Danvers will then discover her past.

To avoid being completely lost in front of The Marvels, you better have seen Captain Marvel, the character of Brie Larson having a crucial importance.

Miss Marvel

In The Marvels, Captain Marvel will have to team up with two other superheroines. One of them is Kamala Khan. This teenager, a fervent fan of pop culture, discovers that she too has superpowers. But, as is often the case, becoming a superhero is never a smooth ride and Miss Marvel has encountered her share of obstacles. Thus, the series available on Disney+ tells us about Kamala Khan's debut as Miss Marvel.

The first season of Miss Marveloffered us a rather curious post-credits scene: the teenager found herself, despite herself, changing places with Captain Marvel. Enough to prepare the ground for The Marvels. Indeed, we find this scene in the first official trailer for the next MCU film. The link is therefore not subtle.


WandaVisionfocuses on the dream life of the Scarlet Witch and Vision in a suburban suburb. It’s difficult to say more because the series is so unique. But if WandaVision focuses on the characters of Wanda Maximoff and her companion, the series also allows us to introduce an adult Monica Rambeau, after having briefly crossed paths with her mother in >Captain Marvel.

In WandaVision, the young woman now works for S.W.O.R.D., sided with the Scarlet Witch and did everything to stop her. By passing through the “magic wall” set up by Wanda, Monica also found herself with superpowers. Well, well, well…

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame remains an essential cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Captain Marvel, spectators were able to find the character of Carole Danvers in this crucial opus. The events of Avengers: Endgameare so important that it is better to have seen the film before any MCU program.

Secret Invasion

First of all, < em>Secret Invasion focuses on the invasion of the Skrulls, which spectators have already encountered in Captain Marvel. Thus, the series allows us to answer several questions from the first film dedicated to Carol Danvers. But that's not all. Nick Furry is at the heart of Secret Invasion. This is good: the heroines of The Marvels will be able to count on the character played by Samuel L. Jackson.

If nothing is obligatory, we still strongly advise you to have seen (or rewatched, it's even better) these Marvel films and series before discovering The Marvels. With fairly fresh viewings, you should enjoy the new MCU film even more. All recommended films and series are available on Disney+. At least you know what to watch this weekend if you're a Marvel fan.

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