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Meta, unexpected winner of the virtual reality war ?


After the announcement of Meta AI and its new image-generative AI Imagine, Meta strikes another big blow by opening its data system. #8217;operating Meta Horizon OSto manufacturers of virtual and mixed reality headsets. Concretely, this means that any company will now be able to design its own headset using the Meta operating system, just like a smartphone manufacturer which would exploit Android.

Meta Horizon OS : the secret weapon

A very judicious strategic choice, which marks, according to Meta  “& nbsp;a new era for mixed reality » while allowing “ to offer more choice to consumers and a broader ecosystem to developers ”.< /p>

Named Meta Horizon OS to reflect its vision of a computing platform centered on human interactions, this operating system places the social dimension at the heart of the experience. The company therefore took the opportunity to carry out a complete façade renovation.

Its app store Meta Quest Store is now called Meta Horizon Store (accessible to third-party headsets) and the Meta Quest application is renamed Meta Horizon, which will extend its social dimension to partner devices. This social layer will allow users to maintain their identity, avatar and circle of friends when moving from one virtual space to another, and developers to easily integrate rich social features into their applications.

An ecosystem all-in-one< /strong>, which will allow users to interact with each other in virtual worlds accessible from VR/MR headsets, mobile devices and desktop computers.

< h2>An expanded ecosystem thanks to strategic partnerships

In addition to this redesign, Meta gave some clues about ongoing collaborations. The most important is certainly the partnership established with Xbox. In addition to continuing the Xbox Cloud Gaming offering directly on Quest headsets, the two tech giants are joining forces to create a “ Meta Quest edition limited edition inspired by Xbox ”. We can't wait to see what this could bring!

At the moment, it is unclear whether this partnership will simply result in a color change (black and green instead of white and black) or a deeper integration of the Xbox brand at the software level . On the other hand, what is certain is that this new partnership opens up tempting prospects. We are thinking in particular of the possibility of integrating Xbox social features into Meta Horizon OS, thus facilitating gaming with friends on Xbox Cloud Gaming via the Quest.

Meta is now also collaborating with ASUS Republic of Gamers to develop an “ all-new high-performance gaming headset< /em> » and with Lenovo to create “ mixed reality devices dedicated to productivity, learning and entertainment » dixit Yuanqing Yang, CEO of Lenovo.

These new strategic alliances testify to one thing: Meta wants to be part of a global network. #8217;establish itself as the Android of virtual realityby building a large ecosystem of manufacturers and applications. An orientation that will certainly put it a long way ahead of its competitors.

  • Meta opens its operating system Meta Horizon OS to manufacturers of virtual and mixed reality headsets.
  • This new ecosystem will be at the center of everything related to VR/RM at Meta.
  • With its new partners (Xbox, Asus ROG, Lenovo), Meta wants to become the Android of virtual reality.

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