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Meta wants to hit (very) hard, real AR glasses would be unveiled in 2024

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Currently, Meta only offers mixed reality headsets, as well as connected glasses that it designed in partnership with Ray-Ban. However, the group's objective is to later market real augmented reality glasses. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that within a few years, these glasses will replace smartphones. And if Meta invests billions each year in the metaverse project, it is to position itself as one of the leaders in this technology which will replace smartphones.

The good news is that Meta could finally present its first real augmented reality glasses this year. In any case, this is what is suggested by an article published by Business Insider. Internally, the code name for the first Meta augmented reality glasses would be Orion. The group plans to present this project in fall 2024, during the Connect conference. To ensure a good demonstration, the team behind this project would be under some pressure to offer glasses with a high level of performance.

However, for the moment, Meta is not yet planning marketing. But a good demonstration would allow the group to show off its technological advances, and justify the billions of dollars that have been spent on mixed reality. In any case, these glasses should be completely different from headsets like the Quest 3, or Apple's Vision Pro.

Now competing with Apple

Of course, for the moment, this information should be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source. But, in any case, the next Meta conference is a highly anticipated event. This will in fact be the group's first Connect conference, after the presentation of Apple's Vision Pro headset.
On the one hand, Apple's arrival on the mixed reality market can be a good thing for Meta, since the general public will become more and more interested in this type of product (and therefore in Meta's Quest headsets). But, at the same time, Meta must also show that it is not overtaken by Apple.

As a reminder, Mark Zuckerberg has already given his opinion on the Vision headset Apple Pro. And according to the boss of Meta, in addition to costing 7 times less, the Quest 3 headset would be better than the Apple headset. But, of course, it is not certain that Zuckerberg's opinion is very objective.

  • Mark Zuckerberg thinks that augmented reality glasses will replace smartphones in a few years
  • But currently, Meta only offers mixed reality headsets, and glasses connected (but without augmented reality)
  • Meta's first augmented reality glasses would finally be unveiled this year, during the group's Connect conference
  • On the other hand, the marketing of these glasses would not be planned for 2024

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