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MeToo in cinema: what to expect from the parliamentary inquiry into sexual violence ?

A commission of inquiry into violence in cinema, audiovisual, advertising, the fashion industry, and live entertainment has ;eacute;té voted for unanimously by the deputies, Thursday May 2.

"I speak but I can't hear you". More than two months after Judith Godr&egraveche's speech at the Césars, the actress's fight was brought to a head. heard. A commission of inquiry into sexual violence in cinema, requested by the artist, was launched. open, Thursday May 2. Unanimously, the deputies voted for the decision. for its creation with the aim of analyzing violence in cinema. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait until May 13, the day of the constitutive meeting of the mission, so that the 30 parliamentarians who will participate in this mission are brought together for the first time. "This commission must be carried out GOOD. It was extremely moving to hear these words in a place where so many people live. “we make the laws, while there is an absence of the law on filming”, reacted Judith Godrèche after the vote.< /p>

What will be its objectives ? On the one hand, it will be a question of understanding which mechanisms and which shortcomings open the way to abuses. On the other hand, the commission will have to propose legislative measures. The cinema sector is not the only one concerned. Audiovisual, advertising, # The fashion industry and live entertainment are also in the sights of this parliamentary mission. "It's time to stop rolling out the red carpet for aggressors ", defends the MPé ecologist Francesca Pasquini, à the origin of the proposition.  

Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon auditioned soon ?

Auditions are scheduled to start on May 20. Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, targeted by complaints for sexual and physical violence, could be heard, but these two legal cases will not be able to be discussed. eacute;es with parliamentarians. "We are not the prosecutors, even less the judges", believes Francesca Pasquini.

The conclusions of the commission should be known in six months.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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