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Mexico: demonstrators denounce a “state crime” and attack the presidential palace

Dozens of demonstrators broke into the street Wednesday one of the doors of the presidential palace at Mexico, before entering, for some, into the enclosure.

In the images broadcast by the Mexican television channel Mileno, we can see dozens of demonstrators gathered at the town hall. Mexico City, in front of one of the doors of the presidential palace. À faces uncovered for some, hooded for others, several of them seize a white pick-up and push it with all their force against the door of the palace which partly breaks under the power of the gesture.'The smashed entrance, demonstrators with masked faces; enter places, where the President of the Republic, Andrós Manuel López Obrador, held a press conference at the same time.& nbsp;The scene occurred this Wednesday March 6 in Mexico.

The demonstrators demanded results in the investigation into the disappearance of 43 students from the Ecole Normale d&#39 ;Ayotzinapa, which occurred almost 10 years ago. On the night of September 26 to 27, 2014, the group of students went to the hotel. Iguala, a neighboring town, in order to "requisition" two additional buses to get to a demonstration à Mexico City and commemorate the massacre of Tlatelolco in 1968. While for a long time the official version was to say that the students would have been confused with rival drug traffickers and killed by the Guerreros Unidos cartel, the relatives of the victims have always rejected this version, pointing to the responsibility of the cartel. law enforcement in this case.

It seems that the students would have been arrested by local police and then handed over to the cartel, who allegedly killed them. In Mexico, this affair has in any case become for many the symbol of impunity. and dysfunctions of justice. In August 2022, i.e. already; eight years after the tragedy, the Ayotzinapa Truth Commission published a report in which the case was officially classified as a “state crime”. A former attorney general and no less than 64 members of the police, military and police, had even been arrested. arrested.

If the Mexican president announced this Wednesday that the demonstrators would soon be received by the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Defense. Inside, Andr's Manuel López Obrador further insistedé on the fact that this act would, according to him, above all be “provocation”, and this, while the campaign for the elections The 2024 election of the United Mexican States, which will notably designate the next Mexican president, is in full swing.

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