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Microsoft gives the green light to Copilot for Finance, its AI dedicated to finance professionals

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Copilot, the AI ​​made in Microsoft is already well equipped and offers many features. Very intelligently integrated into the Windows ecosystem, the tool is even very easily adaptable to Android. The American giant is doing everything to ensure that generative AI is implemented in its products, and the announcement of Copilot for Financeis further proof of this. Designed to assist financial professionals, it will be able to overcome quite varied tasks: recovery process, analysis of sales discrepancies, location of missing invoices, etc.

A solution to data complexity

Working in finance means having to endure the cumbersome data processing processes. Charles Lamanna, Vice President Business Applications & Platform at Microsoft explains: “ 62 % of finance professionals say they are blocked by the arduousness of data entry and review cycles ”. This is where Copilot for Finance comes in, to automate repetitive tasks.

« Copilot for Finance can help free up time for finance to play a more strategic role in providing advice and insight to the business by streamlining financial tasks, automating workflows, and providing insights within that workflow of work ” he continues.

The tool can provide detailed analysis of the variances between actual and forecast sales by providing natural language summaries . It therefore allows faster audits, can optimize recovery processes and improves the generation of financial reports.

For Emily He, vice president of Business Applications Marketing, she also, convinced of the relevance of the tool. In a blog post, she writes: “It simplifies audits by extracting and reconciling data from a single prompt, facilitates collections by automating communication and payment plans, and speeds up financial reporting by easily detecting discrepancies. The potential savings in time and money are significant, transforming not only the way finance professionals work, but also their impact within the organization& ;nbsp;”.

The fact that Copilot for Finance is integrated into Microsoft 365 is an additional guarantee and will facilitate its use for companies that already use this office suite. It is possible to see a demonstration of the tool on this site or even try it by registering for the public preview. Even if no price list has been given, Copilot for Finance will certainly have no difficulty in convincing.

  • Microsoft unveiled its new tool, Copilot for Finance.
  • < li>It is integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite and offers many features for financial professionals.

  • Its main advantage lies in its ability to automate time-consuming and repetitive processes and to carry out tasks easily using natural language.

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