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Millions of French people have “sympathy for Hamas”: the shocking Ifop poll

The "radiography of anti-Semitism in France in 2024" carried out by Ifop reveals the feeling of sympathy of millions of French people. towards Hamas. A phenomenon that is all the more visible among those under 35.

Since October 7, 2023 and the Hamas attack against Israel, the number of anti-Semitic acts in France has increased. by more than 1,000% compared to   the period January-September 2023, according to the community protection service; Jewish Society (SPCJ) and the Ministry of the Interior. This Sunday, April 5, 2024, Ifop publishes the Radiography of anti-semitism in France in 2024, a broad survey assessing the perception of anti-Semitism anti-Semitism among the French, the prevalence of anti-Semitic ideas, the identification of groups with a high incidence of anti-Semitic ideas Anti-Semitic issues, or even the impact of the current context on Jewish French people. 

6% of French people express sympathy for Hamas

The analysis of opinion surveys shows a major generational divide in the attitude towards people. with regard to Israel. Indeed, "the Jewish State is more perceived by young people as "being a colonial power". A trend that is not unique to France, it is observed in most major Western democracies. The Ifop survey shows in particular that 6% of French people express sympathy for Hamas. Which represents more than 3 million adults. At the same time, this proportion climbs to 14% among those under 35. Those over 65 are 2% &agrav; show sympathy towards Hamas.

A quarter of French Jews victims of an anti-Semitic act since October 7, 2023

In addition, according to the study, 25% of French Jews indicate having experienced an anti-Semitic act since October 7. For 12% of them, this happened at home. several times. A figure that goes up à 36% for people who systematically or regularly wear distinctive religious symbols, and 37% for those under 25. The "anti-Semitic acts" The types of incidents mentioned in the Ifop study can include a wide range of incidents: from derogatory comments; on social networks, & characterized physical aggression. "They are based on self-declaration and therefore sometimes have a subjective dimension" specifies the study.

Finally, the study highlights an increase in the content of anti-Semitic character from October 7 on social networks. "We are observing a peak in very anti-Zionist remarks, often characterized by an outrageous tone. Many contents thus refer to Nazism or the Shoah" specifies the polling institute. Jewish French people could also find themselves overexposed, influenced by platform algorithms. Social networks tend to tend to amplify certain echoes rather than providing a faithful reflection of reality. In fact, a minorityé of the population really supports a radical anti-Zionist position, as demonstrated by the Ifop study.

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