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Millions of French people will be able to buy an electric car for 40 euros per month

Among the car models offered in social leasing From January 1, 2024, this iconic car will be accessible à a great price.

An electric car today costs around 35%. 40% more expensive (excluding bonuses) than a thermal vehicle. That's around 7,000 euros extra on top of that. pay out on a city car & 15,000 euros and between 12 and 15,000 euros add on an SUV or a beautiful sedan flirting with 30,000. With these prices, electricity is not yet affordable. accessible to everyone. At least, à first sight. By introducing social leasing for 2024, the French government wanted to make green vehicles accessible to as many people as possible. To be quick, in a household with a tax income per share lower than 15 400 euros, a worker who uses his vehicle to go to his workplace located in at least à 15 kilometers from their home will be able to request an electric vehicle from January 1st. 100 euros".

100 euros or less. As soon as the device was made public on December 14, car manufacturers revealed their new features. the car models and the offers they were going to offer. Several brands played a role. the game, including the French Renault, Peugeot and Citroën but also Fiat, Opel and even Jeep. Prices are already up to date. available, and it is clear that some cars will have a monthly rent – the principle of leasing – very low. The first prize will go to à a French brand, Renault, which decided to to put &agrav; available one of its iconic models at your disposal. from 40 euros per month.

The Twingo E-Tech, the little electrified sister of the revolutionary model from the early 90s, is for the currently the car with the cheapest rental contract in the catalog of vehicles eligible for the new government system. The diamond brand even specifies that the maintenance and assistance of the small city car, the end of production of which is announced for next spring, will be included in the 40 euros. As a bonus, Renault will take à its costs for the first six months of electric charging. The tenant will therefore only have to add the amount of their car insurance to the base price.

At this price, it's a great deal but there won'é The ten electric models offered in social leasing – the list is dedicated to evolve with new vehicles such as the Citroën ë-C3 – will be available in 20  à 25,000 cars only in 2024. That's very little when we know that 4 5 million French people meet the award criteria. But this social leasing has a cost for the government, we are talking about 300 million euros just for next year. At this price, there couldn't be something for everyone. First come, first served.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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