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Procès Monique Olivier&nbsp ;: gifted manipulator or victim of Michel Fourniret?

Ex-wife of rapist and serial killer Michel Fourniret, Monique Olivier is at home. again before the courts starting Tuesday. À to this day, his personality divides professionals.

Submissive woman or gifted manipulator? The case of Monique Olivier has raised questions for two decades now. The ex-wife of the rapist and serial killer Michel Fourniret, who died in in May 2021, is judged at from this Tuesday, November 28, 2023 for several cases: that of Estelle Mouzin, as well as those of Joanna Parrish and Marie-Angèle Domèce. In detail, Monique Olivier will have to answer for her complicity. kidnapping and sequestration followed by death to the prejudice of a child, Estelle Mouzin, before the Hauts-de-Seine criminal court. She is also on trial for kidnapping, confinement, rape or attempted rape, and murder of the two other young women. As a reminder, the bodies of these three victims could never be found.

Divorced since 2010 from Michel Fourniret, Monique Olivier today represents the last chance for the families of the victims to obtain answers. So, will she deliver the truth? ? The whole truth ? "She always told the truth. about the murders. She manipulates details if it implicates her, but she doesn't lie, says the lawyer for Marie-Angèle Domèce's relatives, Me Corinne Herrmann, whose South Westechoes. Likewise, it appears that if the revelations of Monique Olivier allowed the arrest of her husband, but also to attribute other affairs to him over the years, the one which now and already Summer convicted twice for complicity in crime in the murders committed by Michel Fourniret only reveals himself in fragments. "She doesn't tell us where" is the body [of Estelle Mouzin, editor's note], does not admit all the affairs”, notes Mr. Didier Seban, lawyer for the father of the young girl who disappeared in 2003, including Sud-Ouestalso reports the comments.

"I was so alone at home. the time,” says Monique Olivier

The ogre of the Ardennes, as he is nicknamed, Monique Olivier met him at the time. more than thirty-five years ago, in 1987. She had just come out of a complicated marriage, with a punctuated daily life. by the jealousy and violence of her first husband and father of her first two sons, born in 1980 and 1981. So when, in 1987, she came across this small ad published by Michel Fourniret in the Catholic weekly Le Pèlerinwhich indicates "Prisoner would like to correspond with anyone of any age to forget loneliness", Monique Olivier begins a correspondence with this stranger who is serving a prison sentence for rape. Fleury-Mérogis. Small small, the "tawny" and the "tit" bind a romantic relationship, despite this. the obsession of Michel Fourniret in his letters for young virgins.

"I was so alone at home. at the time,” Monique Olivier confided in 2008, during her first trial at the assizes. someone." At the microphone of BFM TV, Monday, November 27 in the morning, his lawyer, Mr. Richard Delgenes, who says he has requested a college of experts to respond to your needs the question "submissive or manipulative?", said on personality of his client. "We arrive at an intelligence quotient of 91 and we are described as a submissive person." According to him, we should even be careful when we question him, because Monique Olivier would, according to him, “have such a need to exist for someone” one, because she has no self-esteem, that if you bring her an existence, whether you are an investigating judge or an assassin ;rie, she will try to satisfy you. For him, Monique Olivier would even be capable of false confessions to please her. someone who would ask him for it. "She is very manipulable," the day before the trial.

However, the experts' conclusions are varied depending on the circumstances. its subject, falls under South-West. While some agree on a limited IQ, others point out that “crime is not a question of IQ”, as Corinne Herrmann puts forward, or even that Monique Olivier, who in the past Summer capable, among other things, of trapping young women to be used for his purposes. her husband, not hesitating to go up to sexually stimulate him so that he proceeds to rape, as was the case in the case in the Laville affair, would in reality be capable of manipulation. So, the only certainty at the dawn of this new trial is that the mystery of Monique Olivier, now 75 years old, remains intact.< /p>

Teilor Stone

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