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Monk Mode: what is this escape from screens among teenagers ?

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Do you know Monk Mode or “monk mode”. On this hashtag which has become extremely popular on TikTok, young users praise their ability to detach themselves from screens and practice other activities more interesting than endless scrolling on social networks.

The BBC thus noted the growing popularity of these publications on the Chinese platform. While there were 31 million views for these videos in May, there were 77 million in October.

Young Internet users set an example

To try to break free from screen addiction, teenagers and young adults are relying on apps like Freedom that help them focus without being distracted by notifications. The Screen Time feature on iOS can also be very useful.

Except that the combat seems very unbalanced as recognized by the founder of the Freedom app, Fred Stutzman, who explains to our British colleagues: “ Meta employs hundreds of researchers and behavioral scientists to make the app more engaging. This is not a fair fight for ordinary mortals.”

In fact, it appears difficult to fight against these unwanted notifications. Each of them triggers a release of dopamine and a feeling of pleasure. The web giants are well aware of this and seek your attention, even when a human contact has not taken care to check on you…

Faced with this observation, some Internet users began a form of digital detox treatment by letting go of their devices for several weeks. These results are not always conclusive, but it had the merit of raising the problem.

With monk mode, young people are also providing their response, even if there is a form of paradox in organizing resistance on an extremely addictive application such as TikTok.

A few months ago, we cited some applications that can help you spend less time behind your screens. This is particularly the case with Forest, a service available on Android and iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebook and Linux, you will be able to determine the duration for which you want to stop using your smartphone.

We can also mention Space available on Android and iOS. Once the application is installed, you answer a short questionnaire which will allow you to find out more about your use of the phone. Space then helps you find the lens that suits you best.

For your part, are you able to manage your screen time ? And if so, do you use applications to achieve this ? Don't hesitate to give your tips in the comments to help the community.

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