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Montpellier: the woman kidnapped and saved by a distress note also suspected of violence

A woman who was raped and kidnapped by her partner was rescued by the police after launching an attack. a call à help, Tuesday April 23, à Montpellier. After the couple's hearing, the case turns out to be more complex.

A call à help launched like a bottle &agrav; the sea, but heard. A violent and sequestered woman her home by her partner was rescued on Tuesday April 23, & Montpellier. In the evening, around 9 p.m., a couple of passers-by are walking down rue Montcalm and come across a little note containing a call for help. help, a first name and an address. At first doubtful and thinking that it was perhaps a bad joke, the couple decided straight away ;ecirc;me to look for a night brigade.

À At the address given, the brigade does not report any noise but decides to do so. his turn to contact the national police. In the apartment, the police discovered that a woman, victim of physical violence at the hands of her partner, had been sequestered. e", as indicatedé by the municipal police of Montpellier on his account 30-year-old and question her. For her part, the woman with scars on her face was able to be taken into care by emergency services and brought to safety.

Violence against a backdrop of jealousy

His custody à Once completed, the spouse has been the subject of a summons before the delegate. of the prosecutor for acts of violence without incapacity; total work. But he wasn't there. the only. The kidnapped woman, aged 32, was also murdered. heard and was summoned for the same acts. 

The police do not question the violence suffered by the victim, but the investigators noted mild reciprocal violence according to information from Midi Libre. According to investigators, the couple loves each other, but is prey to violence. excessive jealousy. The prosecution therefore decided to summon the two individuals who will be heard by the courts to understand what was happening within the couple.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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