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The Montrealer victim of the Hamas attack died a hero, according to his relatives

Facebook page of Alain Haim Look The Montrealer Alexandre Look is one of the victims of a shooting at a music festival in Israel.

It was to continue the party that Alexandre Look, originally from Montreal, decided to extend his trip to Israel a little, without realizing that a surprise attack by Hamas would cost him his life in circumstances that those close to him describe as heroic.

“People testified that when their hideout was found, [the Hamas attackers] threw a grenade inside, and Alex jumped on it to save the people around. I'll never know if that's really what happened, but it sounds like it. »

On the other end of the line, in Israel, Adam Aharoni confirmed the death of his best friend – practically a soul mate, he says – Alexandre Look, whom everyone calls “Alex”. The 33-year-old man, originally from Montreal but living in Mexico, was among hundreds of victims of the carnage at a music festival perpetrated by the Palestinian group Hamas in southern Israel on Saturday morning.

< p>“He was the type of person who, no matter where he went, was loved by everyone. He was a loud person, with immense charisma. His presence did not go unnoticed. He was a generous person… A warrior, in his heart. He was never afraid of anything, of anyone. »

Victim live

During the day on Saturday, he was contacted by the parents of Alexandre Look, concerned about not having any news from their son after receiving a worrying video call from him, in the company of other festival-goers who were hiding from Arabic-speaking shooters who burst into the party. Helpless, the parents reportedly heard the victims say: “They’re coming back! “, before the call was interrupted, says his friend Adam Aharoni.

Le Devoir was able to consult another video, captured a little earlier, in which we can recognize Mr. Look trying to calm the others in the chaos of the interrupted festival. “Everything is going to be OK,” he is heard saying, in what is probably the last recording of him alive.

The tragic circumstances of his death were highlighted by the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, on Monday. The news was first announced by his father, Alain Haim Look, on social media. “He left us today in the land of Israel, following a terrorist attack. Like a true warrior, he left like a hero wanting to protect the people he was with,” we read in a Facebook post.

Lovers of Israel

Alex Look was due to return to Cabo San Lucas last week, but he decided to extend his stay in Israel to spend the Jewish holidays there this weekend, his family confirmed to Devoir.

“He wanted to stay to party and spend a little more time with his friends,” testifies Adam Aharoni, who spoke to his friend on the eve of his death. He declined her invitation to accompany her to the festival called Supernova, since he had planned a vacation with his family in the West Bank.

The Montrealer notably had tattoos that represented Israel, explains his friend. “It was his third trip, he was a great lover of Israel,” he testifies. He was very proud to be Jewish. »

Testimonies from survivors and videos published on social media indicate that Hamas fighters carried out a surprise attack on the music festival Saturday morning, as part of a broader offensive against Israel. The death toll was not complete at the time these lines were written, but initial emergency estimates put the number at around 250 dead.

The Government of Canada declared on Sunday evening that it had “ knowledge” of the death of a Canadian in these attacks. Three other Canadians are also believed to be missing. Global Affairs Canada is not confirming their identities at this time. For their part, the United States deplores at least 11 American deaths.

The latest report provided by Israel puts the figure at 800 dead during the weekend's attacks, not counting the numerous hostage takings. still in progress.

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