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More security needed in courthouses

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Experts are calling in particular for the installation of metal detectors in all courthouses in the province. (Archive photo)

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Professionals in the legal sector are calling for more security measures in courthouses in Quebec, in particular the installation of metal detectors, in the wake of the attack that occurred in Longueuil on Tuesday.

Alexandre Garcés, 43, is charged with attempted murder after stabbing Hai Thach, a 68-year-old court interpreter. The accused entered the courthouse with a concealed bladed weapon.

The victim of the ;#x27;assault, who was quickly transported to hospital, is still in serious condition.

For the president of the Association of Criminal and Penal Prosecutors, Guillaume Michaud, there are not enough security measures in courthouses for years. He hopes that this event will force the hand of the Ministry of Public Security to quickly install security arches, as is the case in Montreal.

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When you enter a courthouse, it’s like entering a supermarket. There are no searches or security arches. There are high-level criminals everywhere in Quebec and a security event can happen throughout the territory, so there should be security arches in all courthouses in Quebec, explains Mr. Michaud.

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The attack at the Longueuil courthouse caused the legal community to react to security gaps. (Archive photo)

Same story for the president of the Union of Special Constables of the Government of Quebec, Franck Perales, who believes that this attack is further proof of the need to ensure the safety of people who attend courthouses.

Per square foot, the concentration of highly criminalized people is very high, so efforts should be made to ensure and enhance security on site. A person came close to death, it's time to move into high gear, release budgets to provide courthouses with X-ray metal detectors and move on to 2024, let's -it falls.

The President of Quebec, Catherine Claveau, also believes that this sad event must push the authorities to react actively and promptly to ensure security in courthouses.

Everyone who appears at a courthouse should expect to enter places where security is better controlled.

A quote from Catherine Claveau, batonnière of Quebec

The report by Kim Vermette

The Minister of Public Security showed his support for the victim and the special constables, while describing the attack in Longueuil as an isolated act. François Bonnardel maintains that courthouses are safe places.

Although he recognizes that Special constables play a crucial role in ensuring the security of the premises, Mr. Perales specifies for his part that there are limits to what they can accomplish, since they do not x27;do not necessarily have the means to know if a person may have entered a courthouse with a concealed weapon.

The president of the constables union would like to point out that incidents related to mental health can still occur and that after all, people go to the courthouse to obtain sentences, which can lead to violent reactions on the part of certain accused.

With information from Kim Vermette< /em>

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