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More than a million cars recalled in France for dangerous airbags, these brands in the viewfinder

Very many French cars were sold. recalled last year due to defective airbags.

Many motorists are unaware of it, but each year a significant number of vehicles are the subject of recall campaigns. Manufacturers never do it from the heart and communicate very little with each other. this subject, lest it harm à their reputation, but they have an obligation to do so. from the moment when ù the manufacturing defect involves an element inherent to the product; security. The year 2023 is no exception. &agrav; the rule with, according to figures unearthed by largus.fr, more than 2 million vehicles affected by a recall in France. The specialized site makes it clear that this is an estimate, probably a minimum, as certain automobile manufacturers try as much as possible to drown the fish out since ;#39;this is bad advertising. for the brand.

Last year, almost half of the total was over. known recalls have been released. for a similar fault. In fact, more than a million owners have been affected. guests é have their vehicle inspected by professionals in order to have the same equipment corrected. It was not about the engine, as is the case for the famous 1.2 liter PureTech vehicles from the Stellantis group which have already been used. is the subject of numerous recall campaigns, neither of the brakes, but of a failure linked to the airbags. And &agrav; Each time, the safety airbags are removed. were manufactured by the same equipment manufacturer. This manufacturer is Takata, a company based in China. Japanese company specializing in security systems and which has for a long time been equipped with millions of vehicles across the globe.

The problems with its airbags are not new since they caused the accident. tens of millions of recalls worldwide over the last decade. The countless lawsuits against the Japanese firm even ended up causing it to file for bankruptcy in 2017. But many vehicles still in circulation today ;Today remain equipped with security systems. from the Japanese manufacturer. Susceptible to exploding in a single blow, projecting fragments onto the driver or passenger, Takata airbags have still caused accidents. dozens of deaths around the world. A matter serious enough for manufacturers to remain very vigilant. It is for this reason that Citro├źn and DS, two French brands belonging to the Stellantis group, are available for sale. the origin of the million recalls carried out in France last year.

If you own a second generation C3 or C4, DS, DS 3 I or DS 4 I, then it is quite possible that you have received a letter to have your vehicle checked. It's never pleasant, but it's better to take a quick detour to a garage to have airbags replaced than to risk your life with equipment that's supposed to be used. normally protect it. Airbags in a car mainly serve the purpose of airbags. provide additional protection to occupants in the event of a collision. When an accident occurs, the airbags deploy quickly to cushion the impact and reduce the risk of serious injury. head, torso and upper body. They work by inflating with air or inert gas. starts from a chemical reaction triggered by collision sensors in the car. Nowadays, all cars lack airbags.

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