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Motorcycle technical inspection: we know the details of the test, and this rule will enrage motorcyclists

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While most wheel enthusiasts are completely against the idea of ​​imposing a technical inspection on their bike, we will still have to make up our minds.

The exam will be mandatory from April 15, and this new information discovered by the UFC-Que Choisir will probably make the bikers even more pissed off.

The phases of the 2-wheel technical inspection

The examination will take place in several stages, for example checking the vehicle's mileage, the readability of the license plate, the various controls, the saddle, the toe clips, the indicators, the tires, the brakes. , the transmission system and many other elements which must be original.

Suffice it to say that if you are one of the many motorcyclists to have modified your machine with for example a new exhaust, we hope for you that you still have the original parts otherwise your beautiful one will be entitled to a one-way ticket to the counter-visit.

Motorcycle technical inspection: we know the details of the test, and this rule will enrage motorcyclists

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An examination where vehicle owners will have to get their hands dirty

Height of humiliation for motorcyclists who are subject to this obligation of technical inspection, unprecedented in France , these must remain accessible to the controller during the examination of their beauty, to intervene on it if necessary. Yes, you read that right.

While they are relieved of an examination costing 60 to 80 euros which they are required to remain in good standing, the motorcyclists will have to work during the technical inspection. For this, the customer will be asked and will have to take a path marked on the ground while waiting in a marked area.

We can already imagine the lines of bikers dressed in full leather from here waiting to be summoned to work on their bikes during a shift whose duration we don't really know yet. Suffice it to say that this new information is not going to make anyone happy in the large community of 2-wheel vehicle enthusiasts.

What do you think of the need for intervention? of the vehicle owner during the technical inspection ?

  • The technical inspection of two wheels becomes an obligation in France from April 15, 2024.
  • The UFC-Que Choisir had access to information on this subject, in particular the check points of the two wheels during the examination.
  • Only, the most lunar information concerns the need for intervention by the vehicle owner during the technical inspection, therefore requiring the presence of the motorcyclist near the machine.

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