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Mr & Mrs Smith: what is this new series that is exploding on Prime Video ?

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In 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie burst onto the screen in Mr & Mrs Smith. Ultimately, we remember the chemistry of the two actors more than the spy film itself. In 2024, the two secret agents are given a new lease of life with a serial remake.

Remake, maybe. But the spectators seem to be there despite everything. On Prime Video, the new series Mr & Mrs Smith is causing a sensation and has climbed to the top of the rankings of the most popular programs at the moment on the Amazon streaming platform. He even passed Squeezie: Thank you Internet, which is still successful more than two weeks after its arrival on Prime Video.

Mr & Mrs Smith, the series of the moment is on Prime Video

In Mr & Mrs Smith, the creators use the winning recipe. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine play two lonely strangers, exercising a very particular profession: they are both spies. Everything changes when they are contacted, each on their own, by a mysterious spy agency which makes them an offer that is difficult to refuse. A life of travel, espionage, wealth and a dream apartment in the heart of Manhattan. But this offer comes with a condition that is not trivial: they must give up their life and their identity and must pretend to be married.

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So each week the new couple must execute high-risk missions as their relationship advances and evolves. For better and for worse. Ultimately, the explosions do not interest us as much as the “newlywed” couple and their multiple setbacks. How to combine espionage and marriage ?

Although there is talk of a remake, the series Mr &amp ; Mrs Smith succeeds in seducing the spectators. In the production, Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane wanted to take us behind the scenes of the action films that we know by heart. Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie before them, Donald Glover (Community; Atlanta) and Maya Erskine ( Pen15) display excellent chemistry on screen, which makes their project successful.

Good news: Prime Video has been very generous with Mr & Mrs. Smith. For once, Amazon's video streaming platform is giving us all the episodes of this first season. Thus, the 8 episodes of Mr & Mrs Smith can be seen now on Prime Video. If you like action, but not only that, you should love this new series.

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