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Mylène Farmer and Woodkid united in the new campaign to fight HIV

The two French artists lent their work. their voices and put to music the new Sidaction campaign clip.

Myl&egravene Farmer and Woodkid unite their voices – and their music – against HIV. This Monday, March 18, Sidaction unveiledé his new campaign clip to fight and appeal for donations against the disease, narrated by by Mylè Farmer and set to music by Woodkid, who lenté for the occasion his song Reactor, taken from his latest album, S16,& ;nbsp;published in 2020.

"For 30 years, in the face of HIV, we have not stopped We have not stopped& oacute; crying, we didn't stop crying. to search, we didn't stop! to ask, we didn't stopé to reassure, tremble, love each other, list Mylène Farmer from the first seconds of the video.  Video which includes various archive images, notably of actions by activists and Sidaction, or television sequences aimed at like that where Clémentine Célarié kisses an HIV-positive man on the mouth live or when Line Renaud declares that "France is at war against a virus."

"For 30 years, we haven't stoppedé to move forward. So, after everything we have done, we have no right to stop' quot;, continues Mylè Farmer in this clip, which ends with a call for donations: "Let's continue the fight. Make a donation."

Sidaction, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on March 22, 23 and 24, had announced in a press release press release of his collaboration with "these two artists committed to the fight against AIDS." A commitment that goes back &agrav; several decades: in 1999, Mylè Farmer notably reversedé the profits from the sales of the clip – in VHS – of the song Je te te ton amour, i.e. the receipts of 30  000 copies, at Sidaction.

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