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Mylène Farmer announces a new album... of remixes

No respite for fans of Myl&ne Farmer, who announces the release, next month, of a new record.

For fans of Mylè Farmer, the period is auspicious: the singer announces the release of a new album! Baptisé Remix XL, this disc will be released on April 19. As its name suggested, this project will be composed of covers of his greatest songs, from Libertine à Without counterfeiting via Désenchantée or As long as they are soft. In total, 21 songs benefited from the promotion. of this rework.

Among the artists &agrav; ready to play the game of remixing, the cream of the French electro scene, from Arnaud Rebotini à Feder through The Avener, Cut Killer or The Magician, and up to the director David Lynch. Mylè Farmer was able to re-record her voice in the studio on some of her flagship tracks, here are the details:

  1. Libertine by NIT
  2. No counterfeitçon by THE MAGICIAN
  3. As long as they are soft by CUT KILLER & PREZ PONY CLUB
  4. Désenchantée by Arnaud REBOTINI
  5. I love you melancholy by Rusty EGAN
  6. California by Arthur BAKER
  8. I return your love by David LYNCH
  9. Optimistic-me by FEDER
  10. It's a beautiful dayby THE HACKER
  11. Sextonik by TOMER G
  12. Yes but no by MICO C
  13. Have no more bitterness by MARSHEAUX
  14. Time by Dave AUDÉ
  15. Tears by Theo HUTCHCRAFT
  16. The soul in the water by THE AVENER
  17. Do you know who I am by Richard NORRIS
  18. Green Ray feat. AaRON by FRAGRANCE & S DIAMAH
  19. Bottle à the sea by IKS
  20. Relight the stars by MOTHERWESHARE
  21. Désenchantée by FEDER 
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