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Naive New Beaters, Jul... The musical releases of the week

With the arrival of the weekend, that of the playlist of new releases of the week!

Stop everything, this time it's there: spring has arrived! and with it, finally, the sun! On this exceptional occasion, a special playlist to dance all weekend (and to vote in the European elections on Sunday), with the brand new album by Naive New Beaters, baptized é FVTVRVM, but also the single from the troublemaker Julien Granel, Sunlight, or again Mise à jour, the new record from Marseille rapper Jul.

We end this playlist with another single, that of Barbara Pravi La Pieva and a record, that of L'Imp& eacute;ratrice, Pulsar, announcedé since weeks. Ready ? Plug in the speakers, turn up the volume: here is the playlist of new releases for this Friday, June 7, 2024:

Naive New Beaters – FVTVRVM

We've been waiting for it since Fun Hours of 2019: the fifth Naive New Beaters record is out ! Call FVTVRVM (pronounced Futurum), the album has twelve tracks and opens with the three previous singles. Decently revealed: The Sun, Desires and Dancing. The already existing trio, faithful to their roots. its reputation, offers here new titles, often danceable, sometimes less light, but just as successful.

Julien Granel – SUNLIGHT

If you still had a little energy left to continue dancing after listening to the album Cooleur, Julien Granel drives the point home with a new single, the aptly named Sunlight – which falls &agrav; peak. We're staying in the same vein, çit works and may make you dance at festivals this summer.

Jul – Update à day

It's the J it's the I for inexhaustible: Jul is releasing a new album this Friday (again): Mise &amp ;agrave; day. This disc – the second of the year and the 22nd of his career  re – has 22 unreleased tracks. including the single I took the mic or collaborations with rappers SDM or Morad.

Barbara Pravi – La Pieva

In her new single, Barbara Pravi sings about life, death and love: La Pieva, c&#39 is the name of a gypsy woman, the widow Milovanovic, who lived in the Serbian mountains hundreds of years ago and sang for the villagers of the region. She sang so well that she was renamed La Pieva, "the singer" in Serbian. Barbara Pravi is his heir.

The Empress – Pulsar

After having published some a last taste with the single Any Way, a duet with American singer Maggie Rogers, L'Imp& Eacute;ratrice unveils this Friday her new album, Pulsar and its ten tracks. Absolutely perfect for a sunny weekend.

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