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Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video: which series or film to watch this weekend?

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Are you in front of your TV scrolling through Netflix films and series without finding what you're looking for? Do you already see him spending hours on weekends researching only to end up watching nothing? We're not going to leave you like that.

To help you choose which series or film to watch on Netflix this weekend, we've prepared a small selection for you. And since we're nice, we've also prepared a short program of series and films for you on Disney+ and Prime Video. It's for us, it's a gift!

After an excellent first season Lokireturns for new adventures! On the program is a new Kafkaesque journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A must-watch this weekend!

Antigang(2015) is a film by Benjaminn Rocher that follows Serge Buren, legendary BIS police officer from Paris with unorthodox methods. With his team of young police officers, he will find himself battling a group of violent and somewhat hasty robbers…

Disney+ offers a single subscription formula at 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year. At this price, you have access to all the Disney catalog you can think of (the classics, the cartoons, etc.) but also a lot of National Geographic documentaries, and also a lot of films and series for adults in the Starz section. .

Midsommar tells the story of Dani and Christian, two American students, who are on the verge of separating when Dani's family is brutally decimated.

The series Wilderness immerses us in the intimacy of a young British couple, who have everything to be happy. But appearances are deceptive: the dream vacation they had offered themselves will quickly turn into a nightmare, and their love will turn into fury and revenge.

Later, I will reach the starstalks about the dream of becoming an astronaut… into adulthood. This biopic tells the story of Jose Hernandez, originally a worker on a farm, and his journey which allowed him to realize this seemingly impossible dream. A testimony of perseverance, sacrifice and success to watch urgently.

Sentinelis a French detective comedy that follows François Sentinelle, a charming flower shirt fan who leads an impossible double life. In one he is a rather atypical police officer who drives around in a canary yellow Range Rover and is renowned for his methods that some would describe as frankly brutal. In the other… he is a variety singer. One day, the case of a lifetime will fall on his table, forcing him to choose between his police career and that of music.

Amazon Prime Video < /strong>is by far the most affordable streaming platform. And it’s even possible that you’re already subscribed to it without even knowing it! Prime Video is in fact part of the Amazon Prime subscription, a global offer billed 5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year. In addition to access to the video streaming platform, the subscription provides access to free one-day delivery on Amazon, the Amazon Music streaming service, Twitch Prime and free unlimited storage of your photos on Amazon Photos + 5 GB of space on Amazon Drive.

The Lupin series >returns for a third part. Assan is in hiding and must learn to live far from his family. However, he breaks down after a certain time and returns incognito to Paris to offer to leave everything to go on the run with him. But not everything goes as planned.

From the short story of the same name by Riplay Parker, Everything Nowtells the life of Mia Polanco, a 16-year-old British girl who comes out of a long stay in hospital because of her anorexia. But the return to his friends is not short of surprises…

The event series Tapiereturns to the eccentric journey of the famous French businessman Bernard Tapie (played by Laurent Laffite), from his meteoric rise to his failures, without forgetting his very particular relationships with power and the business world… /p>

50 Shades Freedis the adaptation of the last volume of the trilogy Fifty Shadesby E. L. James adapted into film in 2018. Christian and Ana have gotten married, and are trying to leave their dark side in the past – while cultivating their tortuous relationship, and enjoying a life of luxury. But threats will quickly arise in their life together.

Part 3 of The Witcher is available. Meet Geralt of Rivia, solitary monster hunter, for new adventures… with Radiohead from the trailer (it's off to a good start ❤️).

Paradisedevelops the idea of ​​a dystopian future in which time is literally money, a unit that can be acquired… or give in to pay off debts. We are of course talking here about the time you have left to live. To save a woman, a man will do everything to reunite the 40 years she exchanged for the erasure of her debt.

Netflix offers three packages subscription from €7.99 per month, with plans up to €15.99 per month. The difference between these different subscriptions is mainly due to the broadcast quality (the cheapest subscription is limited to 780p quality) and the number of screens on which it will be possible to watch Netflix simultaneously. Here are the details of the offers:

  • Netflix Essential at €8.99 per month: unlimited access on 1 screen in standard quality
  • Netflix Standard at €13.49 per month: unlimited access on 2 screens in 1080p HD
  • Netflix Premium at €17.99 per month : unlimited access on 4 screens in HD, Ultra HD, HDR10 and Dolby Vision

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