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Netflix is ​​considered the king of streaming platforms

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For many years, Netflix ruled the streaming market with ease. Then, worthy competitors arrived. Now, the leader must deal with Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+ and even Paramount+. Between regular price increases, the cancellation of many popular series and, above all, the end of free account sharing, Netflix has been going through a complicated period for several months. Controversial decisions that push users to cancel their SVOD subscriptions.

Despite everything, Bank of America believes that Netflix is ​​the big winner in the streaming war. According to specialists, the company has reached and exceeded its annual objectives. Its stock price could jump 22% according to estimates.

Last September, Netflix revealed its third quarter financial results and they were far from the catastrophe that many feared. Number of customers, turnover, profits… Everything has increased for the Los Gatos firm. Bank of America is very confident about the future of Netflix.

Netflix: A Bright Future?

Despite decisions that may have raised eyebrows among subscribers, Netflix seems to have found a strategy that works. The numbers are unanimous. According to analyst Jessica Reif Ehrlich, market dynamics have evolved over the 18 months and investors' focus on profitability points to Netflix as the big winner in this tug-of-war between streaming platforms.

Many media groups have ended up giving up on catching up with Netflix, which is an excellent thing for SVOD. Indeed, this should allow the platform to offer even more third-party content, which represents a lower cost and a minimal risk. The rankings of the most watched programs on Netflix regularly published by the platform demonstrate that subscribers are fond of this content which is not “homemade”.

Thus, Bank of America revised Netflix's price target upwards, from $525 to $585. For their part, KeyBanc analysts increased their price target to $545, which corresponds to 25.7 times their projected earnings per share for 2025. In view of these financial forecasts, Netflix definitively establishes its position as leader in the streaming platform market.

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