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Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+: what films and series to watch in April 2024 ?

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Happy April everyone! It is now tradition. Like any self-respecting start of the month, the streaming platforms reveal their schedule for the coming weeks. What do Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ have in store for you this month of April 2024 ? It's time to find out !

Films, series, science fiction, comedy, love… You will have the choice! Discover our selection of the best programs to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ in April.

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Prime Video is tackling one of the biggest video game licenses with the Fallout series. From April 11, dystopia fans are invited to discover the new series on the platform. 200 years after a nuclear war ravaged the planet, there is little left of humanity. When the most privileged have to leave their luxurious fallout shelters and discover the irradiated apocalyptic landscape, there is reason to be in shock. Facing them ? Strange creatures who have undergone genetic mutations following their prolonged exposure to radiation.

The series Fallout is one of the most anticipated series of the year. The trailers are enough to make our mouths water. All episodes of Falloutwill be available on Prime Video on April 11. Yes, all of them. Rare enough to underline it!

If you liked Family Business, Five or Castings, you will surely love Fiasco. This is the new series by Igor Gotesman with Pierre Niney, François Civil, Géraldine Nakache and Louise Coldefy.

Raphaël Valande is lucky: he is making his first feature film, which crosses the ages to pay tribute to the heroic life of his resistant grandmother. An exciting adventure, but very very very complicated. Especially when someone from the crew tries to sabotage the film. This series, which defines itself as a mockumentary (a mockumentary) is made up of 7 35-minute episodes and promises us lots of laughs.

Go to Netflix on April 30th to discover Fiasco which, despite its title, has everything to be a real hit on the platform.

Want a romantic comedy? Puppy Lovearrives on Prime Video on April 25. After a disastrous first date, since their personalities are polar opposites, Nicole and Max decide to call it quits. Better never to see each other again.

Unfortunately, fate has decided otherwise! Indeed, their respective dogs got along very well and are expecting puppies. Nicole and Max will have to put their differences aside for the well-being of the future puppies. Enough to bring them together…

It's almost time to return to Zack Snyder's science fiction saga. After the first opus of Rebel Moon last December, Rebel Moon returns to our screens on Next April 19. It's time to reunite with Kora and her group of warriors ready to sacrifice everything to fight alongside the people of Veldt. As the force of an entire kingdom descends on an emerging rebellion, unbreakable bonds are formed, heroes are revealed, and legends are born.

Let's hopeRebel Moon – Part 2: The Cutlerappealed more to spectators and the press than its first part. Verdict in a few days…

You're not getting your fill of romance ? The Greatest Hitsshould seduce you. In this feature film, Harriet struggles to mourn the loss of her boyfriend, who died in a tragic road accident. When she realizes that certain songs can literally take her back to the past, she finds it even more difficult to move on.

But a life of taking refuge in her past is not healthy. As the present awaits her, along with a budding love, Harriet is lost between the hope of changing the past and the importance of her present. It can be discovered on Disney+ from from April 12.

In April, Netflix promises us the adaptation of one of the best mangas, Parasite. After One Piece and Avatar, the Last Airbender, the platform attacks a another behemoth of its kind. Parasites arrive on Earth with the firm intention of ridding the world of the human species. How ? By taking possession of the brains of some of them. When one of these parasites tries to infiltrate the body of high school student Shinichi, he reacts quickly. Luckily, the parasite only managed to take possession of his right arm.

Shinichi and his parasite, Migy, will have to live together if they both want to survive. Sharing the same body and the same life, they will have to get to know each other, become friends and fight together against the imminent invasion of parasites. It remains to be seen if Netflix has managed to honor the manga, which had already had an excellent anime adaptation some time ago. In any case, the platform has done everything for it. The director of the film Last Train to Busan is at the helm of this South Korean series. It is available on Netflix from April 5.

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