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Many connected television owners have had the unpleasant surprise of seeing Netflix disappear from their device.

You may have wanted to launch Netflix this morning and discovered the unpleasant surprise: the application no longer launches. A black screen followed by a rather ambiguous message: “Netflix is ​​no longer available on this device”. This mishap would affect more than a million devices around the world according to the parent company of Netflix which is communicating on this problem encountered. by many of its subscribers.

The problem encountered This primarily concerns older connected television models. Netflix insistedé on the fact that the platform was doing its utmost to keep as many devices as possible compatible with its application. As a reminder, all video services é on demand such as Disney+, Prime Video and also Netflix are subject to the hardware and software restrictions of the devices on which they are viewed and must therefore be maintained regularly &agrav; day. Thus, the official Netflix application regularly offers new updates. day à its subscribers to resolve possible bugs, address security vulnerabilities and issues. or simply add new features likely to satisfy its audience.

Netflix removed from over 1 million TVs, how to know if your device is affected

Unfortunately, for millions of subscribers throughout the world, the pill is difficult à swallow right now. In order to make its application more à possible day, Netflix announcedé that the oldest connected TV models will no longer be able to benefit from Netflix at all! According to the firm, this concerns models with between 10 and 14 years of experience. If your device is in this range, or close to it, it is likely to no longer & be compatible with the video application & demand.

Connected televisions released after 2014 therefore seem to be escaping this problem. this problem…for now. Nothing says that Netflix will not ignore the latter in a few years. In question ? An SSLv3 protocol installedé by default on older devices, has become obsolete for the Netflix application and affected. by a security breach. In order not to put your personal data and your device at risk, Netflix has therefore chosen to no longer be available on the latter.

This end of compatibility concerns multiple Sony Bravia, Sony Legacy, LG and LM6410, LM860V, LM 670S and LM960V brand televisions. In order to be able to continue à use Netflix on these, it is always possible to connect a computer via HDMI or a Chromecast box to stream the application on it and enjoy it. But be careful!Netflix also warns that second and third generation Apple TV boxes, therefore no longer available cents, will also lose their compatibility. very soon.

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