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New iPad Pro and iPad Air: release date, price, features... Everything you need to know

As planned during the conference on May 7, 2024, Apple revealed a unique range of products. We also find the very latest iPad Pro and a new iPad Air.

When it comes to major product revelations, Apple has always been one of the best. the appointment. During the recent conference on May 7, 2024, President Tim Cook made the latest innovations of the Cupertino firm the center of the ;#39;attention.

These include the new iPad Pro and iPad Air, promising a revolutionary user experience and unprecedented performance. Let's dive into the details of these announcements and find out what we're looking for. offer these new devices.

The iPad Pro, a powered screené by OLED technology and a much more powerful chip

In parallel with the iPad Air which we will talk about later, Apple has presented  officially its new iPad Pro. Adopting a thinnest and lightest design ever before, it offers its users a level of portability and unprecedented performances. In terms of availability, the iPad Pro is offered. in two different colors to choose from. namely silver and space black. It comes in two formats, the first 13-inch and the second 11-inch model, allowing consumers to choose between saving space or making it easier to store. transport.

Side screen, the new iPad Pro introduces the Ultra Retina XDR display, the most advanced ever. in the world and guarantees an even more impressive visual experience. It incorporates revolutionary Tandem OLED technology that leverages two OLED panels and combines the light from them to deliver brilliant brightness. Phenomenal full screen. Apple defends the new iPad Pro "  supports incredible brightness full-screen 1,000nits for SDR and HDR content, and high brightness peak of 1 600 nits for HDR".

New iPad Pro and iPad Air: release date, price, features... Everything you need to know

The Ultra Retina XDR OLED display that offers brilliant brightness. improved © Apple

But there where Apple surprised everyone and put to rest the many rumors, it was about the chip in its new iPad. Logically, one would have thought that the brand would remain on the M3 chip released last year in October 2023. But against all expectations, the iPad Pro is equipped of a brand new M4 chip revealed for the occasion. The new generation of Apple chips offers a considerable gain in performance and functionality. The M4 chip contains an all-new display engine that gives & The Ultra Retina XDR display delivers a new level of precision, color and brightness. It brings a new aspect à its former generation: artificial intelligence. The Californian firm gives the following example: " users can perform tasks based on the AI even faster, like isolating a subject from its background in a 4K video with a single gesture with the Scene Remove Mask in Final Cut Pro ".

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New iPad Pro and iPad Air: release date, price, features... Everything you need to know

Apple iPad Pro 11″ Apple M4 chip 256 GB Space Black Wi -Fi 7th generation 2024

New &from 1218.98  €

  • Fnac1218.98 €See
  • Amazon1219.00 €See

    The completely redesigned iPad Air and boosté by the M2


    Unveiling during the "Let Loose" (let's go in French), the new iPad Air is available for the very first time in two models: 13 inches and 11 inches. As with the iPad Pro, the 13-inch format is intended to be larger while the 11-inch format is more easily transportable. It is available in four distinct colors: blue, space gray, starlight and mauve. Both 11-inch and 13-inch models feature an advanced Liquid Retina display, a built-in Rev & anti-reflective element, True Tone technology, high brightness High resolution and support for a wide color gamut.

    New iPad Pro and iPad Air: release date, price, features... Everything you need to know

    Apple sees things big with a 13-inch screen © Apple

    The other strong point of the Ipad Air is of course its chip. With the M2 chip, the new iPads offer significantly higher performance. In its press release, Apple states that its new iPad is almost 50% faster than the previous model , &agrav; know the M1 but also that the performance is three times faster.

    In terms of these photo sensors, the iPad Air is equipped with a 12 Mpx wide-angle camera which captures photos and videos in high resolution. But the change is noted at the camera level. 12 Mpx selfie which is this time integrated into the entire length of the device, making video conference calls easier.

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    New iPad Pro and iPad Air: release date, price, features... Everything you need to know

    Apple iPad Air 11″ Apple M2 chip 128 GB Space gray Wifi 6 th generation 2024

    New &from 718.98 & euro;

    • Fnac718.98 €See
    • Amazon719, 00 €See

      iPad Pro and iPad Air prices and release dates

      For the iPad Pro, you need to count à starting from 1,219,euros for the 11,inch version compared to 1,569,euros for the 13,inch. It is possible to pre-order them today, with limited availability. in store &agrav; from May 15, 2024. 

      As for à him, the iPad Air can be pre-ordered starting today on online sales sites (Amazon, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger) for direct marketing. starting next week. The 11-inch version sees its price start at 719 euros in France. The 13-inch version will be sold at from 969 euros.

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