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New rebound in temperatures, what weather will be like for you this weekend ?

This weekend still promises to be hot across most of the country. High temperatures are expected. forecast but the risk of thunderstorms remains present in part of the southwest.

The approaching weekend promises to be very sunny. throughout the country. Temperatures start to rise. will rise this Friday and should allow the French to enjoy a dry and warm weekend across the country. The anticyclone coming from the Azores will cover the whole of Western Europe and temporarily chase away the rain to leave room &agrav; a clear blue sky. The Weather Channel forecasts summer temperatures approaching 30°C for the south of the Garonne. Elsewhere in France, the weather will be milder with an average forecast between 20 and 26°C for Saturday and Sunday. 

On Saturday, the morning chill and fog felt in the countryside will quickly give way to sunshine early in the afternoon. afternoon and for the rest of the day. To the north, it will be cooler near the Atlantic coasts, but the few clouds near the English Channel should remain harmless. Everywhere else, the sky will be perfectly clear, The weather channel predicts dry and very severe weather ;s sunny particularly in the south-eastern quarter of the country.

New rebound in temperatures, what weather will be like for you this weekend ?

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The temperature differences between morning and afternoon will be quite significant throughout France. In the provinces, temperatures should vary between 3 and 14°C in the morning to reach 18°C ​​in the morning, reaching 18°C ​​in the morning. 25°C from north to south of the country. In the Garonne valley, the temperature could reach 30°C but without exceeding it. 

Sunday will be more contrasted over three-quarters of the country, the Azores anticyclone should begin to strengthen. retreat towards the Mediterranean while the winds from the British Isles could reach the northern coast of the country, before rushing inland at the end of ;#39;afternoon. The south of France will continue à take advantage of the Azores anticyclone and the temperatures will remain summery. The Weather Channel announces a possibility& oacute; thunderstorm in progress this evening in the Basque country, the rest of the southwest should be spared.

The temperature differences will be less this Sunday, in the morning the weather will remain cool across the country between 7 and 15°C. The afternoon will be less hot than the day before but the heat should still rise again, to 14 to 14 28°C from the coasts of the English Channel to the southern regions and from the Pyrenees to the south. Provence.

Overall, the weekend will be sunny Throughout the country, temperatures will still be below the previous weekend, but will remain well above seasonal norms. We will have to take advantage of it because from Monday a drop of around ten degrees across the entire country is expected. forecast, due to the direction of the northerly winds.

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