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New Renault Espace: transformed into an SUV, photos and information!” /></p>
<p> RENAULT ESPACE. The Renault Espace 6e of the name has undergone a real metamorphosis to become a real family SUV, far from the minivan of yesteryear. Prices, photos, characteristics, find all the information below in our special guide dedicated to to the new Renault Espace 2023! </p>
<p>This is a revolution! Renault could have parodyed Steve Jobs' old slogans as the Renault Espace 6e of the name bears no resemblance to the Renault Espace 6e. his predecessors. It was expected, the new Espace becomes a family SUV, direct competitor to Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace or Skoda Kodiaq which have invaded the market… and pushed the market. the Renault minivan towards the exit, devoured by by these newcomers who panicked the sales. The design of the minivan, judged has been and already has been revised with the Espace 5 crossover close to the SUV, is this time put in the closet in favor of the more trendy and “bankable” one. of the SUV, even in pseudo adventurer clothes.</p>
<p>There is no question of crossing and 4×4 here, the Espace does not deny comfort or habitability. and practicality minivan. However, it is much shorter than its predecessors and is similar in design to that of its predecessors. a longer Renault Austral. As a reminder, the Austral is Renault's compact SUV that appeared in 2022 and replaces the Kadjar. What does this new 2023 Space offer? What are its engines, its particularities, its strengths compared to other technologies? well-established competitors? Here is the Renault Espace guide.</p>
<p>Renault has revealed mid-February 2023 the first photos of its new Renault Espace before officially presenting all its lines on March 28, 2023. No big surprise given the photos since we find an SUV silhouette family vehicle and lights close to the Austral SUV, presented in 2022 and replacing the Kadjar.</p>
<p>What does the 2023 Renault Espace offer? Here are five pieces of information to know; remember:</p>
<li>Renault has metamorphosed its historic minivan into a family SUV. The brand has made it official the fact that this new generation will be a large 5 and 7 seater SUV.</li>
<li>On the side of design, the Space stands out with a large glazed surface, also symbolized by a glazed roof. optional 1m2, and stretched towards the rear with a spoiler which extends the roof for a more dynamic style. We are far from the van or minivan aspect of old minivans.</li>
<li>This Espace is also smaller, Renault formalizes a more compact Espace of 14 centimeters while guaranteeing habitability. higher up to the third row and very good knee room in the 2nd row.</li>
<li>A single engine at launch: a Full Hybrid unit combining two electric motors a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter turbo gasoline unit with 130 horsepower (96 kW) and 205 Nm of torque. </li>
<li>Three finishes are offered at launch: Techno, Iconic and an Esprit Alpine version for a sportier look. Order opening has started in spring 2023.</li>
<p>Unveiled on March 28, 2023, the new Renault Espace is available at the order since April. The first deliveries of the large SUV took place during the summer.</p>
<p>Renault revealed the price list for the new Renault Espace in the spring. The price of entry was increased. fixed à 44,500 euros, both for the 5 and 7 door version. This is the e-Tech Full Hybrid 200 model in the Techno finish. A significantly higher price. than that of the Peugeot 5008, its direct competitor, available at from 38,120 euros but less richly endowed in equipment. To afford the more high-end Alpine and Iconic finishes, you will have to pay 47,500 and 49,500 euros respectively, with again an identical price depending on whether the SUV has 5 or 7 doors.</p >
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