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New tips for not exceeding your Google Photos quota

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Previously, Google Photos offered free, unlimited storage of your memories. But today, those days are over. And users must purchase additional storage when the 15 GB offered free by the firm is exceeded. But the good news is that Google also offers new ways to clean up its storage application, in order to free up the space occupied by certain files.

Recently, Google announced two new features of Google Photos, for Android and iOS apps, which allow you to better organize photos and videos, but also to free up space.

“To help you declutter your gallery and focus on your memories, we're rolling out new AI-powered features that will group similar photos and intelligently organize screenshots and documents into useful albums so you can easily find them when you need them,” explained Guillermo Krovblit, product manager at Google Photos.

Photos organized in piles

Very often we take the same photo several times before getting the perfect image. And generally, we then forget to delete those that did not satisfy us. To bring order to the memories stored on Google Photos, Google offers a new feature called Photo Stacks. Thanks to AI, it groups similar images into stacks, to highlight the best elements.

New tips for not exceeding your Google Photos quota

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But that's not all, since these batteries also allow you to easily free up storage. When you open a stack of similar photos on Google Photos, you will be able to select the best items from that stack and press a button that keeps only those best items, and deletes the rest. This way, you free up storage space and reduce your chances of exceeding the free 15 GB quota.

New tips for not exceeding your Google Photos quota

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Google Photos organizes your documents

Many users are also used to photographing paper documents, notes, or keeping screenshots. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google Photos can better identify these categories of images to classify them into albums (receipts, events, etc.). This allows for better organization, but can also help you clean up, since the AI ​​is already starting to sort out what may be useful and what is not.

New tips for not exceeding your Google Photos quota

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Additionally, Google Photos can help you remember dates. For example, if you photographed a concert ticket, Google Photos will show you a button that allows you to generate a reminder in your calendar, based on the information on this ticket.

  • Google Photos has new features which, thanks to AI, improve the organization of photos stored in the cloud
  • This organization also allows you not to exceed the free quota of cloud storage
  • Indeed, Google Photos no longer offers free and unlimited storage

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